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Friday, December 28, 2007

South Carolina's black Primary

South Carolina's "Black Primary"
I've written a few times about Barack Obama's presidential campaign and the politics of race (see here, here, and here). I've been particularly interested in Obama's transracial appeal - that is, his ability to transcend the acrimony and ugliness of America's most intractable political issue.Polls continue to show Obama captures broad support across the electorate. Yet, underneath the media glare of celebrity endorsements and polling surges, the nastiness of racial policies threatens to rear its gnarly head.Exihit A is a new piece at The Nation, "South Carolina: Inside the 'Black Primary." The article focuses on the unusual blackness of South Carolina's presidential primary. Here's a quick snippet:

Click on the Nation link for one of the more fascinating political tours you'll read in some time.
My Dad was good friends of JW Sanders, of Gaffney, mentioned in the piece, considering why he is casting for Hillary.
So this is where the Struggle is now; this is what it all came too.

On a brighter note consider Pearl on page 240 of Doctorow's The March.
Much more inspiring than the often cynicism in the margins of this piece.

After all this time there is a sense in which we in America are caught in the OTestament story. But Hebrews 11:13 is strong; I guess we are left with the confession we are strangers and pilgrims in this world; like illegal aliens as it were, citizens of two countries.

Come back to this; more later


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You shouldn't lead off a post with someone else's writing. Looks like you're trying to pass it off as your own. I'm calling foul.

9:48 AM  
Blogger That Baptist Ain't Right said...

South Carolina has always been "different." Don't know why. They just are. And I love SC for it. I really liked the Upstate & my wife & I have discussed retiring there in 25 years or so, if one us doesn't murder the other first.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous #1,
what you said in your above comment is 100% correct-the administrator of this blog is the "internet copy and paste king"-check his numerous rambling posts on for confirmation-

6:43 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Sure would love to know who you anons are so we could see what you bring to the table.
Are you people of substance or just naysayers.
Call up anton Chigurh and have lunch with him unless you got somethin constructive to offer.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1's comments ARE constructive. It DOES look as if you wrote the piece that you are only quoting.
Anonymous #2's comments, if not constructive, are at least of a friendly nature and complimentary of SC.
Anonymous #3's comments ARE constructive and were addressed to #1, merely pointing out that you do have a tendency to offer opinions other than your own.
BLOGS are set up to show off the owner, to give as much information about the blogger as he or she is willing to post for all and sundry to read. Those who respond to the blogs, however, are under no compulsion to identify themselves, unless it is required by the blog owner, and should be allowed to express their opinions without their characters or motives being called into play.
You, as owner of this BLOG, have to power to censor what they say if it offends you, or if you simply do not like it because it disagrees with your opinion.
If you believe in the free exchange of ideas and opinions, then let people respond and enjoy themselves without harassment . If you do not, then simply delete their responses and do not encourage people to respond in the future, or simply do not allow responses at all!

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephen Fox said:

A couple anonymous hits on the comments here are quite disturbing.
I kinda feel like Jesse James in the movie when the Coward Robert Ford comes in the room and Jesse Says: Do you wanna be like me or do you want to be me?"
I guess back handed imitation is the better for of flattery so maybe I should say thank you.
As for distracting from discussion, while anonymity for the time being remains an option here; folks of virtue which I hope is what I am attracting here, should have no problem identifyying themselves.
It ain't nothin but a shortwalk.

It would be sweet however if somebody would address the merits of the Nation Piece. The Blog I introduce that self identifies itself for anybody who wants to enjoy the first click option, is a great place to start; as it makes several salient points, accents the heart of the piece.
Even so this is a seminal report and deserves full reading; especially of those who persist in self effacing and nitpicking in comment lines.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
anonymous #1,
what you said in your above comment is 100% correct-the administrator of this blog is the "internet copy and paste king"-check his numerous rambling posts on for confirmation-

6:43 PM

ORFO RULES!!!!!!!!!

2:54 PM

ORFO RULES!!!!!!!!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Lets see-I saw that you posted 9 times on today-and within those posts I counted 4 copy and pastes as well as 3 different links that you added-Can't you come up with an intelligent thought of your own without having to resort to using someone else's words?Again,I would like to know where you work at-it sure does seem like you spend an awful lot of your workday on the internet-Again-I would love to know the name of your employer so that I can get a job with them-Just think-maybe me and you can get a work station right next to each other!

7:00 PM


3:10 PM


3:11 PM

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Blogger prophetic said...

wow! I so appreciate this. thank you.

Bishop bernard jordan

2:58 AM  

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