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Monday, May 19, 2008

Elvis Pressley, Lee Atwater, and The End of the Southern Strategy

Just gonna go with the links today as I think the point is pretty self evident.
Point is the state I was born in, Tennessee, where My Grandfather Fox and the Helton's were raised in staunch Lincoln Republicanism, where Aunt Stella and Aunt Hazel and Free Barnard's wife worked for the Republican party in Alcoa; Tn Republicans can do better than this and I think Archie Manning and Peyton and will tell them soon if they don't find a better way than hazing Michelle Obama.
In the meantime, Cynthia Tucker, one of the ten best products ever to come out of Alabama--I would put Condi Rice about 22, in the 2nd tier--has Lee Atwater's number; and Marshall Frady's great friend Will Campbell--I have been in Campbell's presence on four separate occasions, once in chapel at Emory in the presence of my Dad and another Baptist preacher when Campbell called Ronald Reagan a "goddamned liar"; Will puts it all in perspective.
He is the hero of Pacers from UBama of which Sammy Clanton was one time state president and was on stage with Tyler Coker and Vivee Monteagudo in 97 or so; which would make it five times I have been in Will's presence.
I think Tyler and friends should get Will's new DVD for the Collinsville High School Library.
Check out these links and see what you think.

IN the article click on the word paper when it starts talking about Elvis and it will take you to Will great lecture of 95 at the University of Mississippi.
Even fans of Rick Bragg, and we do know what cornerstones we are talking about here, we'll like Will's musings on Elvis cause Campbell talks in language we can all understand; even the language of the Kingdom of God though I think I heard John Morgan the preacher say he would take Francis Schaefer over Brother to a Dragonfly.
Little something here for the poltroons and everone.


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