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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Local choir infested by Birchism/Furman Grad endorses Obama

I came across a right wing blog today by a man who is gaining influence in the religious and civic life of my Mother's hometown. It flies in the face of everything my Grandmother and Grandfather Jordan stood for; and though my name is in some dispute, it would be a travesty to let such small mindedness wrapped in smarmy Jesus talk hold sway.
I would hope Matthew Morgan could bring Bishop Willimon to counter such foolishness, but I have been disappointed before and left standing alone while business goes on as usual.
So I will address it indirectly for a while; maybe some folks will take a look at the following and hopes that the higher lights in the area, will begin to understand the hope this possible next governor could bring to the State.


And I quote:
As the circle gets wider, more people want to tap into it. Obama's success at bridging ethnic divides inspires African-Americans to reach higher, says Davis. "Until our generation, it was assumed the highest we could aspire to was to be a member of the House," he says. "Now that ceiling has been lifted." Davis himself is planning to run for governor of Alabama in 2010, and he hopes that a president named Obama will campaign for him. That would be a masterstroke.

Hard to conflate the hope from this Newsweek article with the Birchism of the choir member I saw today. But if he is right, then we should know so Matthew, Russ Beene and I can apologize and worship the Third Revelation.

I shook hands with Artur Davis at an event sponsored by the son in law of a former President of the Alabama Baptist Convention a few months ago at Samford. Davis is a sharp fellow; I was impressed as it appeared were some of the wisest Christians in the state.
But maybe my local acquaintance is right and I have been duped. Maybe Annie Lucas Brown can help us navigate this one cause I can't see how she'll feel comfortable at the New Library Dedication with this local Christian in the inner circle in these parts.

Inspiring news just in; fellow Furman grad, now US Congressman from the Inidana 9th has endorsed Obama.
I think I'll stick with the alma mater over the Local Bircher on this one

Here is a profile of Baron Hill of Furman class of 73, same as current President Shi:

And the Chicago Sun Story just a few minutes ago:,super043008.article


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is yo name bein' "disputed" up there in AL? Who is "smarmy Jesus?" I saw one time where you said Dr. Randall Balmer(?) was a "counterfeit Christian. That is not a nice name to call people, is it now?

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Randall Balmer is a friend of mine.
In his 2nd chapter in Thy Kingdom Come he lists Richard Land of the SBC ERLC as a counterfeit Baptist.
I will delete your comment soon cause you are not the Third Revelation--see There Will Be Blood--nor the first or the 2nd.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While we had a system we thought would accommodate both him and Stephen Fox, it proved not to work as well as we had hoped. After some consideration we believed that the best course would be to ban Prentice and keep just Stephen. This is not meant to be a slam personally against Prentice but rather a recognition that the dynamics of their co-existing here was not a positive element for BaptistLife.

Stephen has been here longer and that factor weighed into our decision to keep him.

Well ladies and gentleman the BAPTIST LIFE POSTER BOY has won again-this goes to prove one thing-he who whines the loudest wins-

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you live in Collinsville, you have had a standing invitation since 2004 to meet with Fox and the deacons, the preacher and his wife and Martha Barksdale to seek some transparency like was recommended at Two Rivers.
That is no secret. It is well known by informed baptist sources across Alabama.
Don't think folks don't know who you are or what you represent.

1:27 PM  

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