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Monday, August 18, 2008

Not my Neighborhood/Saddleback and Obama

While I am of the mind a George Truett kind of Baptist would celebrate the type of church state separation and tolerance that is the fertile American ground for a Jacque Berlinbleau secularist to flourish, I feel enough kinship with Rick Warren to wince at Berlinbleau's analysis of Saturday Night at Saddleback.
Even so Berlinbleau makes some tough sense here.
I agree with him; the question is how can Obama pick off 10 per cent of the evangelical vote without the likes of Rick Lance and Gary Fenton engaging the world view of say Matthew Morgan.
Alabama is not in play; but maybe the baptist inflected states of North Carolina and Virginia are.
The Brightest baptists have to engage Berlinbleau; and more than that, if they have a conviction that in the impure world of politics Obama is their choice in 08, they have to go out and pick ten percent of their evangelical brethren off the fence or we are in the lesser America of John McCain; great storyteller, with a Huey Long, even Reaganesque gift to connect with Middle America; but with Bill Moyers and Daschle and maybe Tony Cartledge I think the lesser choice this time.

If my friend John Killian is out there in blogosphere and sees this, would love to have his counterpoint to Berlinbleau here; and if he responds I will do what I can to get Randall Balmer to respond to him.
Remember, we are engaging Berlinbleau here, not me; though all civil responses are welcome.

And a bonus here, an exchange with the old Railroad Man Jim at
Click on the subject title and go two entries up to see Jim's dissent from my opion on the matter:

Fox Advice for Jim
by Stephen Fox on Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:57 pm
I am glad you only get to vote One Time this year, Jim.20 somethings like Russ of this board and his HS classmate and now Yale Div Grad Matthew Morgan see the world differently than you, and I am convinced better than you; though we are all proud of your service.I saw a railroad today and wondered if you had ever read Cormac McCarthy's Suttree; on things like that we can bond.But Christ continuing Revelation in a broken world--see Berlinbleau--is shedding new light for a new generation.Obviously you and I imagine our Goldenspur friend Flick, will not be among that 10 percent of evangelicals Obama in a realpolitik world will pick off.But for the young ones and the generations to follow, I am hoping the Light will shine on at least 10 percent so we can grope closer toward the promise Lincoln, King, Judge Frank Johnson, George Truett and Hugo Black envisioned for the United States of America.


Blogger foxofbama said...

Richard Land of the SBC was on PBS Newshour last night.
Joel Hunter and Rick Warren appear to be a little to Land's left.
What Newsweek should do is engage the progressive Baptist discussion to the Left of Land and Warren on the debate, the likes of Robert Parham at; John Pierce of the moderate Baptist Monthly Baptists Today; Melissa Rogers--see her blog; and Charles Kimball of Wake Forest to see how Warren though with noble intent, might be a little naive in regard and his positioning of the Southern Baptist Convention in national Politics.
A thorough going cover story of Richard Land of the SBC and his history with Karl Rove annd how all that shaped the Warren event; that history goes begging and should be a startingpoint for further inflection of the Warren event.
Among other things it should key on the pregnant can opener though brief exchange between Roland Martin and Tony Perkins on CNN prior to the event Sunday night, an exhcnage roughly about 7:45 pm EDT.

Above is a comment I just left on the Newsweek Religionblog.
Let's hope Sally Quinn and Jon Meacham give it some serious thought

8:15 AM  

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