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Monday, December 01, 2008

Matthew Morgan and His Mother on Church Going

I just came across this blog from an Episcopalian who leads a church near Matthew Morgan in New York City.
I used to worship in the church where my Mother was baptized and her family goes back to 1845 but I got voted out and can't go there in part I'm convinced cause Matthew's Mother and his Father politicked around to the point that instead of using their influence to bring themselves and about 5 women who had grievance against me to talk things out, they let my provocations become the focus of some tensions in the church and I was scapegoated off the premises.
Was some of it my fault? Sure, may as much as 50 or 52%
But the Morgans are shrewd and they coulda encouraged a better way, but for whatever reasons after my folks had stood by them in 87, they let the mob take over.
I made a very significant mistake in not correcting Brad Barksdale just minutes before the vote May 28, 2008. It is true the church deacons had given me a couple months. But I let the time get away from me.
What Brad did not mention was I was outside the Deacons door early May that year when I missed the deadling by 24 hours or so seeking a better way. But Brad laid down the gauntlet then reported to the church in such a way I had snubbed them; broken the final straw which in my opinion was in his mind only.
The Preacher was there. He let it go and I lost the vote. 7 ballots and I would still be able to sing Christmas carols where my Mom's family worshipped and both parents funerals were held.
So will the Christmas spirit be invited into the hearts of John and Gloria Morgan and the 3-5 women who call the shots at Collinsville Baptist; or will I be left out in the cold for the Christmas in a row.
Like Jesus, I stand at the door and knock; and let them without sin, cast the first stone; that is if they can find anymore laying around as they have pretty much rocked me out of their supply.
From the heart I enjoyed singing the bass part on 4 strong Carols Sunday in live worship with other believers.
Will Collinsville Baptist afford me that opportunity once more in 2008?
It is a possibility in New York City as Matthew's nearby Preacher attests.
What about Collinsville?


Blogger bapticus hereticus said...

it is easier, and likely preferred for a good many, for a church to downsize God's grace, otherwise the Spirit of God might facilitate such change as to drive it to depend on the divine for meaning and coherence. it's a hellava thing our ability to smugly manage symbols and processes of ultimacy.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

I hope they do the right thing by you. Of course it could have been worse, had it been in 17th Century America. They might have hanged you, and there would have been no second chance.

5:42 PM  

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