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Monday, October 26, 2009

Archie Cullpepper and Central 3rd Grade

Was talking to my sister this morning about her 35th High School Reunion and and a recent Reunion of the elementary school in South Carolina from which she and my brother and I matriculated.
High School reunion after lot of names and concern and affection for almost everyone we knew there, we came to a conclusion this blog gets pretty close to things.

I don't Facebook but my Brother Does. He also rides Harley's and moonlights. I guess that is why he was always more popular than me, though I had a few good days.

Point being the delightful conversation I had with my sister brought back a memory of Archie Cullpepper.
You would have to know my Grandmother and Grandfather Fox and their good church community to get the best spirit of this memory but I will give it a shot, cause it deserves as long a life as the Internets will give it.

Archie lived down Morrison Cmpgrnd Road a little from my Papa and Nanny. He won a 1966 Plymouth from the Rome, Ga dealership and our family happenned to be visitting Nanny and Papa on that Happy Day when he drove up in their yard before he even got to his house to show the Prize.

Archie had a speech impediment.
One Sunday evening service at their Baptist Church the Preacher started his Remarks with:

This man was despised by the powerful in his times.
He was a threat to the Status Quo
He was known to be a friend of the harlots and the tax collector, the Leper and down and Out.
Do you know who this man was?

My Papa whispered to Archie, Archie do you know who the Preacher is talking about; he's Talking about Jesus.

And Archie Said: "I tawt it was Deezus."

That is why Archie was most loved and worthy of memory.

Best I can remember he was somehow kin to a Mark Crenshaw who was in Third Grade when I moved to Gaffney but was there for only a year.
His Dad was pastor of the Main Methodist Church there, and went on to be Pastor of some of the more Influential UMC churches in the State.

I got to check with my sister to see if she remembers it that way; but for children it was quite a Big Deal to register a friend of Nanny and Papa had a connection to Gaffney even before we got there.

And here is one more meritorious good HS Reunion blog


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