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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baylor's New President and Newark, New Jersey

Last night I heard a fellow raised in Newark who finished High School a year after I did; me 71 and him 72. He said the riots that started in his high school would start a chain throughout all the districts.
Coincides with a NY Times story about Tim Tyson's Blood DoneSign my Name, the Movie, to be intheatres this weekend.

Will have links for trailer and the piece here shortly.

Click on title here:

Blood Done Sign My Name Opens Friday

Ken Starr of the Clinton Presidency fame is the new President of Baylor. Starr is something of a mentor to the Christian Legal Society with whom Collinsville native Casey Mattox is a staffer in Washington DC.
It is an interesting selection, has me stunnfed, bewildered and flummoxxed if I could learn to spell it.
See my comment on the blog here; comment I made at an opinion piece site this morning at

On another matter FBC Ft. Payne is having year long celebration in conjunction with it's 125th anniversary. Jon Appleton will be preaching there in May, Appleton with Collinsville connections as well.
Check the church website for events.


Blogger foxofbama said...

Great line in Cormac McCarthy's movie where Tommy Lee Jones character says something to the effect even in a contest between a man and a steer the outcome is not certain.
I'm not sure how this movie is gonna play out. Something haunts me about this being the coda to Judge Pressler's heritage with the Texas Regulars; google the 94 Sidney Blumenthal review of the 48 Senate Race in Texas between Coke Stevenson and LBJ.
For sure what is grand about the work of Baptist Joint Committee which claims the legacy of Truett will go through yet another round of distraction with the nitpickings of Starr's Christian Legal Society, as if Pressler's crusade against the BJC with Sam Currin, Albert Lee SMith and Richard Land in the 80's weren't enough.
Maybe the dialogue will be healthy. Republican Jim Leach is leading a year long tour of the nation to talk about civility in Public discourse. With the Texas School Board's Undue influence on America's High School's History Texts, Leach's stop at Baylor should be fascinating to say the least.
To his credit President Starr said yesterday he welcomes such discussions. I hope they have 15 minutes or so to talk about the History of Judge Pressler and the Texas REgulars.
Yesterday as Starr was being announced President of Baylor, NPR's Terry Gross and Fresh Air had a 40 minute interview with Author Gormley who has written a definitive piece on Starr's investigation of President Clinton.
What timing.
To Starr's credit, Sam Dash from the Nixon days says Starr is an honorable man. Larger Baptist irony is the NPR story was brought to my attention from Wade Burleson's blog, Wade who came around to the Baptist Covenant movement last fall in Oklahoma.
But what price do Baptists have to pay for the insights and pilgrimage of Wade Burleson.
Maybe this will be a learning experience for Ken Starr. Why not have Sidney Blumenthal on campus with Marilynne Robinson and lets look at original sin, and all the complaints of Judge Pressler and Jesse Helms and Barry McCarty and Sam Currin and Les Csorba one more time.
I know one grand thing in this matter. I am not George Truett nor am I Carlyle Marney.
Even so I cannot see either of them picking a President for Baylor who has all the signs of being much closer to the world of the Council for National Policy than the living legacy of Truett and Marney.
Forgive me, my effort here might not made a lot of sense; but this is the broken lens through which I am trying to stomach all this.
Baylor Bears George Truett's name. I guess we will see what Ken Starr does with it.
With Wade Burleson I wish him well.

9:55 AM  

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