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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Collinsville, Perseverance and Apotheosis

Come back to this blog post as I will be adding a few touches.
I stopped by the Principal's office at Collinsville High School to tell him I was moved by the word of the Month on the Marquee Billboard of the School on US HWY 11, CHS my Momma's alma mater.
Front page story in the Bham News today is about Hispanic Students staying home 200 strong in some places across NE Alabama yesterday.
Perseverance is the word of the Month.
I have gotten word just this morning in person to the Pastor of the FUMC Ft. Payne and staff of FBC Ft. Payne, the county seat; and in email to Bishop Willimon about Perseverance.
Fred Shuttlesworth died last week. Bishop Willimon blogged about his passing with implications for the Immigration struggle here in Bama at this moment.
Coincidentally, serendipitously, I have been reading once again my fellow Baptist preacher's son, Marshall Frady, my Hero; Frady's Chapter on Birmingham and Shuttlesworth moment in the spotlight with King. Frady Titled that chapter: Apotheosis.
Two good words.
More later


Blogger foxofbama said...

Collinsville is mentioned in a comment at the following blog connecting to the Rachel Johnson piece I mentioned in Bishop Willimon's blog

And quote from my hero Frady in the Apotheosis chapter

From Frady's chapter Apotheosis in his bio of King on the Birmingham Chapter: "Mass meetings commenced in Birmingham's black churches like a regularly nightly rolling of kettledrums." p.102

2:42 PM  
Blogger Charles Hawkins said...

Steve! So glad you are blogging! Hope you are yours are well. I think of you often.

2:18 PM  

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