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Friday, February 17, 2012

Collinsville Study Club and Casey Mattox's "Gibberish"

I had a conversation in Collinsville recently and word had gotten to one fellow on the street I was in resistance to Casey Mattox recent blogs with the Allied Defense Fund, contraception and Health Care.
Hissy Fit should google you to Casey's blog. By Inference he attacks Martha Barksdale and the Girl Scout Award given to her not long ago, as Casey's world now opposes Girl Scouts cause of their intermingling with Planned Parenthood.

The Study Clubs can so something about this. In honor of Mary Katherine Reed they can have some substantive discussions about Casey's world beginning with a group read of Giberson and Stephen's The Anointed. Here is a link to cut and paste to start the Conversation'

They can google up Matthew Morgan's visitting proff at Yale Div School, my friend Randall Balmer, and his jacket blurb endorsing The Anointed.

Alan Wolfe in an easily googled article on CAsey and Charles Pickering's world; in the Atlantic Wolfe calls Casey's world "Gibberish". Enlightened people in his hometown of Collinsville should contest him and his mischief in the orchestrated world of Fox News and Karl Rove.

Martha and Claire and the Collinsville ladies can invite Rachel Held Evans down from Dayton Tn, about a two hour drive, to talk about her book Evolving in Monkeytown; or they can have Annie Lucas Brown and some staffers from the Gadsden Library comes to the Historic Roberts Building in Town for an investigation of Casey's world in light of the revelations In The Anointed.

Look for my letter to the Gadsden Times. It should be out next week.

In the meantime, Go Panthers. Hope you survive Jax St. Regionals and Make it to Bham.


Blogger foxofbama said...

A note for Casey from the NY Times comment stream

furnmtzoregonNYT Pick
Report Inappropriate Comment. Vulgar . Inflammatory . Personal Attack . Spam . Off-topic ..SubmitCancel .
..Every time I read an article about conservatives being "pro- life" I am reminded of my brother who died of ALS at the age of 47. He spent the last 6 years of his life in nursing homes where the care, supervision and meals were abysmal. One of his former roommates was smoking a cigarette, fell asleep and burned to death because his diaper caught fire. Another roommate went home for the weekend to visit his mother and committed suicide in the garage of her home so that he wouldn't have to return to the nursing home. I have to say that in all the years my brother was there I never once saw a group of conservatives out in front of the building shouting slogans about the sanctity of life and how all lives - no matter what age - are meaningful. I never once saw a group of evangelicals visiting with patients, pushing wheelchairs, or feeding the elderly residents. There were no Rick Santorums advocating on behalf of my brother who several years before had been a pro golfer and was still the father of two adorable young boys.

When conservatives and evangelicals understand that ALL life really is sacred, including that of the elderly, the permanently disabled, the terminally ill, and the women and children who accidentally get bombed in the course of a war, then maybe I'll listen to their opinions on contraceptives and/or abortion. For now, however, this is really just a politically heated argument about women's reproductive rights and who gets to control those rights.

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