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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Casey Mattox and Judge Frank Johnson on APTV

Casey Mattox is a 1993 Graduate of Collinsville High School and now works with Charles Pickering anda  Reagan operative for the Alliance Defense of Freedom organization. They recently renamed themselves.
   I called his high school ag teacher this morning and talked to his son James Paul Bailey. Casey was president of the Bama FFA his Senior year in HS and went to Kansas City best I remember.
   Now Casey is on the wrong side of history and with a group foggy at best, threatening at worst to the legacy of Judge Frank Johnson and Hugo Black on Church State issues.
    Johnson was a Lincoln and Eisenhower Republican Howell Raines has named as the 2nd greatest man to breathe the air of Alabama in the 20th Century. Casey and W.Bush Judicial nominee, Mississippi SBC president Pickering are flirting with McCarthyism and the lunacy of Michelle Bachman with the association with David Barton.
    Barton's bogus documentary of America's religious history came into play in the recent firing of the heads of Bama Public Televison. See stories at and elsewhere on the net. For sure google the Paul Harvey piece on Barton at Religion Dispatches.
    Not long after Casey finished CHS, 15 miles up HWY 11 Cherilyn Crowe graduated from Ft. Payne HS. She went to Samford and Vanderbilt and now works for the true vine Baptist group Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty in D.C. Cherilyn incarnates the best tradition. Casey has more in common with the Eagle Forum and McCarthyism, Judge Roy Moore and the 60's George Wallace than he does with Lincoln and George W. Truett.
     Moore's communications director Jay Holland is one of SBC Deacon Bama Gov Bentley's appointees to the APTV board creating all this havoc.
    Melissa Rogers, whose Baptist pilgrimage was shaped by her grandfather in Birmingham and the is another antidote to Mattox and Pickering's nonsense.
    Hoping Casey reads Giberson and Stephens The Anointed Soon; and talks with Randall Balmer of Dartmouth; a mentor to Matthew Morgan whose father baptized Casey before he continues with this David Barton circus.


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