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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Top Ten Football Teams for 2012

  While I'm warmin up to write a blog US Bama Senator Shelby's staff is on notice to check thought I would rate this years football season, best program and teams in the nation.

1. Gaffney High School. They won state championship this year and beat everybody in S.C. last year by 30 or more till the final fluke Championship Game. Willie Dawkins flew in from LA just to see it. And they owned the state in the 60's; home of Sidney Rice who will defeat Julio Jones this Sunday in Atlanta.

2. Texas A n M. No Brainer. They embarassed Saban's Tide in Tuscaloosa caused they aren't programmed to death. Still have a little excitement to the game, Resist The Process

3.  Notre Dame.Even though the suffered a setback last Night, the Quarterback is from South Carolina and could be the next Johnny Football Manziel. Plus he will get Django Unchained longtime before Bama Senator Sessions and Deacon Governor Bentley and the Bama Tea Party. And with Coach Sabans priest at St. Francis in Tuscaloosa most likely has a clue about what Jesus will is for Bama.

 4. Boise St. University. They appreciate Russett Potatoes. Smurf turf. Coach makes more than the Governor of Idaho. Unlike Bama Trustees in the Tea Party, no trustees ever a member of Ruby Ridge. Won Fiesta Bowl in 08.

5.University of South Carolina. Javedeon Clowney had better hit in his bowl game than Bama's now long forgotten noseguard that stopped the UTenn Upset a few years ago. And Mr Sossamon from Gaffney was All American there in 54 or so, and Billy Ray Rice starred in the bowl game in 1970 and he came to our church with Becky Kiser.

6.Clemson. Coach Dabo is a Christian and not afraid to show emotion, not a robot. Has the humanity and political skills to live in the same region as Danny Ford

7.The University of Alabama. Ms Saban attends church routinely at St. Francis and Rumor Has it she voted for Obama. Some of the players have been able to survive The Process and maintain humanity; as an example the butt pattin between Barrett Jones and QB McCarron last night after the quibble on national tv. Plus I talked to McElroy on the Finebaum show and he was smart enough to take notes while I was talkin. And the program did have enough sense to let Kenny Stabler play in the 60's one of the greatest human beings of all time up there With Judge Frank Johnson, Rosa Parks, MLKing Jr, Atticus Finch in products of the state where my Momma was born.

8. Furman. They beat University of Georgia in 29 and Norwood Cleveland walked all the way back from Athens to Greenville. Read about it with my own eys.

9.Southern Cal. Great marching Band. Bama never had Stevie Nicks on the field at halftime

10Bob Jones University. That's where the woman in The Ladykillers starring Tom Hanks Said she was sendin her money.


Blogger foxofbama said...

Great line from SI coverage of the game Texas A and M shoulda played in

But come on. If this game came down to one or two breaks, then so did Reagan-Mondale. It was 28-0 at halftime. The Irish could not even field a punt properly. The vaunted defense looked slow and small. Alabama running back Lacy looked like a kid who forged his birth certificate so he could dominate Pop Warner. Quarterback AJ McCarron, who has struggled at times to play as well as the rest of his team, was brutally efficient. He even overcame some pregame adversity when the remote-control on his hotel-room TV broke.

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