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Monday, February 25, 2013

Fox News Killed Jesus

Circumstances have given me too much Fox News last five months or so. And Bill Oreilly and Sean Hannity are hucksters of the first degree, a disgrace to the United States of America.

   Tom Brokaw got it right in Sean Hannity's brief interview of him last September from the DNC in Charlotte. Brokaw told Sean: I've know Roger Ailes, known him for a long time from the Nixon administration and know what he's up to. And its not much different from the stir he was causin in Alabama in the 60's when I was a cub reporter there and the likes of Ailes had em all thinkin we were communists just for bein there.

    Billy O is makin a scandal on his who got to the wreck first series on Lincoln, JFK, and now Jesus. If he were a preacher, he'd give Jerry Falwell a Bad name.
     Here's the deal Billy O. Find a copy a Marilynne Robinson's The Death of Adam and read the Tyranny of Pettiness. It's about you. Good words in there like egregious and shibboleth you can add to last weeks lungis. Opprobrium on you on this one.

   And clown Billy Boy,  the Pulitzer prize winner is a thinker, not a mockass carnival barker like you.

   In the link below Steve and Cokie Roberts missed it; noble people they otherwise are. They know the Haynsworths of Furman. I'll be emailing them soon and lettin your homeboy Trey Gowdy know about it. You know he is a member now of same church as Billy Graham, FBC Spartanburg, S.C. Harry Dent's daughter used to go there. See Joe Crespino Strom Thurmond's America.

   Oh, also Giberson and Stephens, authors of the anointed. Have them on for a week and share them with Governor Huckabee and his "parallel universe." And tell that....uh....child of god, Anne Coulter I said hi.

     STeve and Cokie as reported last week in the Cherokee County, (Al) Herald:


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