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Friday, February 08, 2013

Psalm 27, Mrs. Rosa Parks and Anne Marie Malecha

    On Wednesday I listened to the hourlong conversation on, the latest history of Rosa Parks. It was inspirational as I imagined Ms. Parks likely drove right in front of my house in 1955, possibly with Martin Luther King, Jr. on the way from Montgomery to Monteagle, Tennessee to Myles Horton's famous workshop there.
     Horton in 1931 was in Union Seminary in NYC with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the son of the then pastor of 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.....

   I got inspired and called a staffer for my US Congressman Robert Aderholt. In fact I talked to two of his staffers, one who happened to be from Australia and was fascinated with the Justice Porch in the National Cathedral in WAshington D.C.

   Sadly as the name of Ms. Malecha bubbled up in one of the conversations I have no reason to believe the Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party woman knows anything of the legacy of Parks, not to mention the other folks on the justice porch.

    Maybe with this post her remedial education will begin.

   And hopefully, Congressman Aderholt, who I understand has had only one town hall meeting in the last year and half will engage his district and informed voices on immigration reform including the documentary, and former UMC Bishop Willimon.

   Here is a link to the Diane Rehm show and the new bio of Parks

And here is a little sumpn sumpn on Ms. Malecha


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