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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Trey Gowdy's Big Moment

  The Darling of Fox News and First Baptist Church of Spartanburg is now chairing Darell Issa's Select Committee. Google Ryan Lizza for Issa in the New Yorker. Stout profile of the righteously indignant now pushing Gowdy further up the organ grinder's monkey pole.

  Karl Rove created the Modern Presidency where politics drove the 24 hour news cycle to keep Roger Ailes Fox News and all his blonde booby anchors griding out daily drama for Christian America.

    Gowdy goes to church with Billy Graham now. I would love to be around in 15 years when Wofford or Furman or Converse has a joint three day symposium on the Watergate Legacy of Congressman Trey Gowdy.

    How about Nixon in Knoxville with Billy Graham's Christian Crusade a few weeks after Kent State. Four Dead in Ohio. You explored that one lately in prayer with Billy lately Trey?

    I don't often agree with George Will but he was right last night on the routinely ridiculous "fair and balanced" panel.

   Hey Trey, invite Joe Crespino to Wofford and sit down on panel and have an educational look at this fiasco. Strom Thurmond's America Redux.

    If you are Sam Ervin; well I ain't seen it yet.


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