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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Top Twenty Collinsville Athaleets of All Time; The Official List

 You morph Kevin Pup Simpson, Cody McAteer and Clay Gifford into a Composite and you got a Solid Number Twenty.

   19. Ernie Willingham

    18. Chucky Dutton

     17.George Mayne

     16. Danny Chandler

     15. Ross Orr AND Mike McElrath tie. Ross said he was best. McElrath said he was better than Ross and Charles Carter would back him up on that. Still a fourth party said they were about even given Orr was a better basketball player and Carter a better baseball player than a judge of talent. So I just tied em up as an equalizer.

     14. Adam Morales and Jorge Segura--took Collinsville to state Championship in soccer 2013

     13. Billy Wayne Clanton The Last of the Great White Centers

      12. Jay Bird

       11. Travis Jackson

      10. Scott Roberts. He and his Brother Todd played in Alabama All Star game with Cornelius Bennett

       9.  Open, given the McElrath, Orr tie

       8. Solomon Stanton

        7.tie, Harold Bobo and Charlie Hood

        6. Robert Gray

         5. Deshawn Moore

         4.Sonny Jones

         3. Irby Cash; played four sports at Jacksonville University and consensus Randy Taylor nominee

         2. Wellington Hope. Mr. Hope called in the WTWX Friday Night Scoreboard October 31 and talked to his Collinsville Coach Raymond Weaver. Weaver told Hope on the air he was the best HS football player ever in DeKalb County, Alabama and reminded Wellington of the night he scored five touchdowns and rand for 320 plus yards.
      This year Weaver was named to the All Century team in Marshall County. Legend is Weaver could stand on the steps of the National City Bank in Downtown Guntersville and hit the marquee of the Theatre 100 yards down the street with a forward pass!

         One. Joe Williams. Played baseball in Birmingham with Willie Mayes in the Negro League.


Blogger Prentice Fox said...

Composite Todd Hefner and Rob Skelton for #21.

8:35 AM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Todd Heifner is a HOover Buck and overweight to be taken seriously for anybody's list. He thinks the Recruiting bucks are better than the Gaffney Indians so he doesn't know anything; besides this is a list about Collinsville based on twenty five years of observation and note taking..

Rob may be the best Fox Athlete of all time given he played with William Kent and Spencer Hammond. But this is not a family list. Uncle Fremont and Joe Roberts were better than you, Prentice, so that answers that question.

4:30 PM  

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