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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Charles Barkley, Mike Hubbard and Ferguson

     Charles Barkley was gettin some Love last night on Fox News, Oreilly and the Blonde Stable even some of the Uglies like Laura Ingraham and  Greta were praising him for Law and Order; the old trick Roger Ailes and Nixon perfected in 68.

    Fox News has turned Ferguson into a question of who started the riot and Mike Hubbard must be happy as hades about it here in Bleachin Alabama where you make laws to deport state champion soccer teams while his Sunday School class at FUMC Auburn says, Oh Lord I wish it didn't have to be this way.

    I'm sure Hubbard's trophy case wife has it top of her prayer list even as I concoct this blog.

    Charles Barkley does have a point, without the police a lot of Black neighborhoods would be a jungle, lawless, I forget his exact word. White Folks don't have a corner on Original Sin nor the Fall, though Hubbard's base makes more of an idol of keeping it history and science before Common Core gets to it and get people thinking theologically like Willimon did about Hubbard's immigration bill comparing it to the fugitive slave act.

    But Hubbard was abole to massage, contain Willimon, at least through the first round of his indictment and the Iron Bowl while Jameis Winston is a good distraction down in Tallahassee. At least Bama doesn't rape women, just deomocracy and justice and the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King and Frank Johnson--see Bleaching, the Cover Story by Jason Zengerle in recent New Republic; and while your learnin--you out there Yellowhammer News--see Garry Wills in New York Review of Books to see what a piss poor job Joe Scarborough did with his recent history of the GOP.

   Had I been on the grand jury with Charles Barkley I mighta voted not to indict Officer Wilson as well.  And Michael Brown's stepfather may need to under watchcare of his local Baptist church for getting on a car hood and saying Burn the Bitch Down when the verdict was returned.
   That said Barkley and Lebron James with Oprah moderating can take a good listen to the diane rehm show panel yesterday. There are a lot of things that could be corrected about how all this went down. I don't think Brown was Emmet Till; certainly not Viola Liuzzo nor Goodman Schwerner and Cheney nor Jonathan Daniels; still he shouldn't have had to die; Officer Wilson shoulda had better training, more options; but I don't know I woulda done anything different under the circumstances, other than Brown mighta killed me. And I don't like that outcome either.

     And Anthea Butler, I read you and think you make some provocative points in religion dispatches..

    But all this doesn't let a man like Mike Hubbard, speaker of the House of the State of Alabama and all his Human Shield in the Auburn Football Program off the Hook.
    Hubbard debated Toccoa Ga's Ralph Reed  in High school just like Furman religion department's Echol Nix debated Karl Rove's good buddy Eric Motley in Montgomery in the late 80s. A Samford grad Motley is now with the Aspen Institute.

    lot of big doins goin down in the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the crossing of the Selma Bridge in March--see After the celebration in Selma, a week later to commemorate Martin's "arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice"; lets have Speaker Hubbard, Ole Miss's Joe Crespino now at Emory, Furman's Tomiko Brown Nagin now at Harvard, Auburn's Cynthia Tucker, Pulitzer's Taylor Branch, Cornel West or some such mix in an event moderated by Eric Motley look at something bigger than the noise of Ferguson to see just in fact if Mike Hubbard's Auburn Creed notions for Alabama are worthy of Martin Luther King and Judge Frank Johnson's Dream!!!!

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