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Friday, October 31, 2014

Megyn Kelly, Senator Landreu, Texas Fundy Baps and RAce Politics

      Last night Megyn Kelly on Fox News devoted her opening ten minutes to distort a conversation between US Senator Mary Landreu of Lousiana and NBC's Chuck Todd. By the Fox News Christian Sexxy blonde's take race politics started this election cycle and the dems and Al Sharpton are to blame.

       Here's some news for Miss Pageant and her busty New Jersey housewives on The Five of Fox News. Jesse Helms, a leader in the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention, with firiends hardwired in the John Birch Society, White Citizens Council, Texas Regulars, politicial ancestry of Uncle Bozo the harmless Preacher Mike Huckabee and the whole cabal have a long history of it.

    Shout out Number ONe. Have Roger Ailes, Anne Coulter and Dick Cheney's straight daughter Liz do a close read of the October 9 print issue only of Thomas Powers take on Texas Baptists in the New York Review of Books. Google the online teaser at

    I'm tired of Fox News prime time Oreilly and Kelly half assin recent American Bible history. Here in Alabama our good Methodist Mike Hubbard spews the same ridiculous illiterate poison as Fox News. Just see and google the New Republic New Racism article about how this friend of Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker would let the rest of the extended families who man the SEC off which he's made his small fortune with the Auburn Tigers fend for themselves. That's where Mr. Guillory of LA gets it wrong in his reply to Senator Landreu.

   I've found some of the Ferguson ads and other race attempts by the tempts this last weekend a little less than Christlike, but the current GOP is tawdry in how they play the halftruths and forget, regional amnesia on Helms and Atwater for starters.

    My friends on the Diane Rehm show disappointed me this morning. I waited for 20 minutes after I'd gotten the screener and thought I was gonna go national with my comment. Clarence Page didn't go back for enough to the Hands ad of Helms in the 84 Senate Race against the Charlotte Mayor who integrated Clemson. And he coulda invoked Garry Wills great deconstruction of Joe Scarborough's recent amnesiac history of the GOP in NY Rev Books.

     Here is the kicker. I hope the Diane Rehm show can have Thomas Powers and Emory's Joe Crespino--Strom Thurmond's America-- on for the hour, well versed in Jason Zengerle's New Republic piece on Bama Speaker Hubbard in some post election analysis on Race and the Tea Party.

     I called Bama Gov Bentley's office this morning and talked to Senator Sparkman's grandson Daniel. He's a nice guy; and I have respect for Gov Bentley. I think he has more mah fyburr than say my friend Lowell Barron. But here is the filament, the fine particle that means a great deal in the character of the Southern GOP just now. As Crespino and Powers point out, Southern Baptists who breed like rabbits all over the Southeast are stultified, get go out of the cradle with their inerrancy doctrine. It leads them to a political rationale, short sightedness, that tilts toward a Birch mentality and the kind of fodder Fox News feeds on.

    History is important. Bonhoeffer says Theology matters. The Governor and his Pastor Rick Lance, head of Southern Baptists in Bama need to do their homework with some tutoring by Diane Rehm, Powers and Crespino; then pick up the phone and Call Gov. Jindahl  of Lousiana and then call Fox News and tell them to Get Right with Jesus.


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