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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Coke Stevenson and Texas Baptists warp the world


     Before I get to steamrolling click on this:

     Copy and paste whatever it takes.

     I have several links there and a history of my conjecture on this matter which roughly is:

     The Birchers and the whites citizens council to Civil Rights in the cauldron Of Exxon Oil and Paul Pressler's Texas Regulars were more of a driving force in the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention than quibbles over the Nature of Scripture.

    Pressler had more in common with the Bircher that split the Missouri synod than he had in common with R. G Lee. I don't know what Adrian Rogers was thinking, but it appears Ed McAteer was doing his thinking for him.

     Inerrancy was a Ruse, to paraphrase W. A. Criswell on the priesthood of the believer.

     And now we got Benghazi Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz fronting for the legacy of Billy Graham.  Thats how bad things have gotten messed up.

     It is imperative Roger Paynter, Chandler Davidson, Daivd Currie, Lee Berg,  Bill Moyers, Jimmy Allen, Randall Balmer have a focussed chat on Thomas Powers review of Robert Wuthnow's new book on Texas fundamentalism and how it became Ted Cruz and the Tea Party.

  Sidney Blumenthal and his rejoinder to Robert Caro on LBJ in early 90s needs to be in this chat too. And Tom Edsall about oil strategic financing of congressional races. I asked President Carter about that one in 93 

    Current issue print only is at a Barnes and Noble Near you soon. Reading the easily googled teaser online won't cut it.

     I know this is sketchy, but stay tuned. We're just starting on finally gettin this story right.

Excerpt from review:

  Ken Chafin said: "I'm not gonna roll over and let a group of Frank Norrisite Texas fundamentalists stea; the institutions of my denomination."

   But the Pressler-Patterson faction did exactly that; an unbroken string of fundamentalists were elected to head the denomination for the next decade and with power of the presidency they systematically packed every committee and board, pushed out anyone who did not agree, and gradually purged the Baptist seminaries of all the moderates, defined by Pressler as anyone 'who believes the bible does or could contain error of any kind".



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