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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Morgans, Phil Williams and Justice for the Collinsville Soccer Team


     Click on the link above. The former Bishop of the UMC takes a different stance on Immigration and justice for the Collinsville Soccer Team than apparently John and Gloria Morgan who have done ministry in Collinsville for 35 years or more.
     Google Self Deportation in Mother Jones Magazine. Kris Kobach worked with Phil Williams and Mike Hubbard in the Bama House and Senate to draft an immigration bill former Asst School Supe for Dekalb County Donnie Myers says was conceived in malice.
     Three of the Morgans sons if you ask them the right questions I'm convinced are disappointed in their parents brandishing a yard sign at their house on South Valley Avenue.
     The Morgans are intelligient folks. I doubt I could score as high on College Entrance Exams as did three of their four sons. The Pastor is near expert on the writings of J.R. Tolkien.

    So surely they know, understand the Bible well enough to get what Williams immigration bill means for the Soccer team and Hispanic community in Collinsville, the same ones they tell Jesus about in Sunday School and Children's Choir.

    Look at these articles. Ask the preacher and his wife and the Senator and his operative Joseph Morgan about them.

    Talk to Jesus about it and then vote November 4.

    Also get a working conversational knowledge about bleaching. The Cover story on the New Racism, New Republic will help you.

    And check the Collinsville PTO site for a link to the NPR story on the Hispanic vote in North Carolina. Collinsville could've easily been as good or better story.


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