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Friday, February 20, 2015

Fox News Holy War and Upstate South Carolina

    Fox News has been a travesty this last week with clowns like Franklin Graham and Bobby Jeffress of FBC Dallas on Air trying to stoke a Holy War with Greater Islam. Then last night Bill Oreilly's went into full asshole mode in his "conversation" with Sojourner's Jim Wallis and a Quaker Woman. It's a trick right out of Roger Aieles/ Lee Atwater Nixon handbook.
    Upstate S.C. can make a difference in this one. Charles Kimball of Furman, Baxter Wynn, of FBC  Greenville can talk to folks at Clemson, Furman, even Gaffney and make a difference. Talk to Joe Crespino of Emory and Charles Kimball of Wake Forest and now at OU. They can shed some light. Also Steven Miller, the biographer of Billy Graham and his politics with Nixon.
     Dietrich Bonhoeffer prophesied Fox News in his time in Germany; called it the politics of Stupidity. Charles Marsh, enlightened Baptist minister's son wrote a book  circa, Wayward Christian Soldiers 2004, on General Boykin and Charles Stanley and other shallow Christians. Marsh has also written the definitive bio of Bonhoeffer to date.
     Kimball, Crespino, Marsh or Upstate novelist Mark Powell of the Dark Corner --a political thriller-- would make great panel on the likes of the Diane Rehm show to talk about Billy Graham, FBC Spartanburg, Trey Gowdy and Senator Lindsay Graham and the temptations and seductions of Fox News. Good Baptists and other people of faith in Upsate S.C. know better. Now is the time for them to engage the insidiousness of the challenged and insidious provocateurs at Fox News and their Tea Party network

  Written on the fly; please pardon typos and other evidence of bad style and grammar.


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