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Thursday, October 22, 2015

One Way Woodlawn, The Movie and the Propaganda

  This is a rough draft blog so come back soon to see revised edition.

   I just saw the Erwin Brothers movie Woodlawn after hearing their father live this morning on Andrea Linde3nberg's right wing so called Christian radio show. Hank is a nice fellow and is portrayed in the film as the Chaplain who attended Billy Graham and Campus Crusade's Explo 72 Dallas extravaganza. But the moive doesn't talk much about the Nixon's administrations designs or what Lee Atwater made of them. Cuttin to the chase it fails Bonhoeffer's "politics of stupidity" test.

    To be honest I liked the film a lot in certain areas. My Father chaired the Bill Glass Crusade for Christ in Gaffney SC in May of 75 so I am not immune to the meshing of football and Jesus. Wayne Whiteside said the Revival changed him a little.

     But what Rick and Bubba and Cliff Simms and Yellowhammer News don't follow up on is what fundamentalists in the Southern Baptist Convention did with this sophomoric mindset. They're demonizing of the Separation of Church and State in the movie could be a spin on what Adolph did in
Germany. But that calls for Rick and Bubba and Cliff to sit down with some people of goodwill who are wiser in these matters but they are too stubborn to do so cause they are absolutist.

    I liked the movie. It reminded me of some things that happened in Gaffney and some lifelong friends of people of color I made in those days of racial transition.

   I'm gonna recommend the flick to every HS kid I know cause it could be of some good for them. I just hope they don't stop there as Rick and Bubba have but go on to read Moses and Jesus and the Trickster, even the Charles Marsh bio of Bonhoeffer cause DBon rode near if not through Woodlawn in 31. ;long time before Tony Nathan, a true America hero--great scene in the movie where Natahan stands up to George Wallace and his handlers--Billy Graham and The Bear.


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