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Friday, March 11, 2016

Half Mammals Rick and Bubba

   Early 80s Furman Grad George Singleton was at NACC Juco yesterday. Ten years ago my friend Ron Rash was there. Proud of NACC and sorry I missed both events. My Bad; I hope Jojo and the Southern Torch was there for a news report.

     Singleton is in the tradition of Roy Blount in thinking man's Southern Humor, a grade above Lewis Grizzard. The Atlantic and New Yorker don't lie. One of George's earliest collections of short stories was the Half Mammals of Dixie to which I made reference in my essay about getting churched at Collinsville Babdiss; Carl Kell Editor, U tenn press.
     Singleton would understand as one of his early works as student at Furman was bout Bible Thumpers harassing him in the Dorm at Furman with the Four Spiritual laws.
     Like George W Bush Singleton has rehabbed out of a drinking problem. But Unlike Rick and Bubba his politics are not of the Franklin Graham, Cruz, Trump variety. That's where Rick and Bubba could learn something.
     Or so I Assume. That's what I wanted to ask Singleton about yesterday just ten miles away from famous Scottsboro Alabama.
     Singleton like Rick Bragg understands Crackers but he has a different kind of remedy for em than Rick and Bubba. George has to be saddened about how waving the fetus with mendacity and some stupidity has buffaloed your average cracker from voting or finding leadership for his economic complaints.
    And as Thomas Frank reports today many of those complaints are legitimate

   Here is proper link though the Jack Sock miscue is a fun one. Sock won Mixed Doubles at US Open with Melanie Oudin whose sister Kat played at Furman. But I digressed. Here's the political juice
But Joseph Morgan, the Southern Torch, Cliff Simms and Yellowhammer News and Crawford Broadcasting like Cruz and Trump are not the answer. Joseph's brothers know better. Way past time they start talking to him, take him to the woodshed like Ike took Joe McCarthy.

    Flannery OConnor famously wrote "Sin is a Trick on Niggers!" Likewise Trump and Cruz and the rogues gallery above are a Trick on my White Cracker Brothers.

   And when it gets entangled with what Bonhoeffer called the "politics of stupidity" it is toxic indeed.

     Where I was ineloquent here, I think Ron Rash and and Rick Bragg can finesse me  up for Singleton. Woulda liked to have talked about it yesterday at NACC.


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