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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Bonhoeffer, Trump, Metaxas and Other takes

   Bonhoeffer's best biographer Charles Marsh's facebook wall is aflame this afternoon re a recent opinion piece on Eric Metaxas as an apologist for Donald Trump, specifically Jews and other folks who take the Holocaust seriously have no reason to fear a Donald presidency.

    Marsh begs to differ, to put it lightly. Marsh's thoughts in A Strange Glory on the politics of stupidity are exhibit A in causes for concern.

    Metaxas has joined the camp of Chuck Colson whose religious political ideology poison the electorate even if unwittingly, as Marshall Frady's concerns about Billy Graham who saw the world "through welkin eyes". IFor the last several years I've had an ongoing conversation with the daughter of Nixon strategist Harry Dent, Ginny Dent Brant about this matter. Ms. Brant has embraced both Colson and Metaxas even with the lessons of Watergate learned as she professes in her book on her Dad's pilgrimage.

     And then there is David Remnick of the New Yorker, acquainted with the SEC's Paul Finebaum who has more sensible take on Trump in his piece on Roger Ailes and the Fox News Nexus with Trump.

    Two pieces of note I'm not sure where to place. One on my acquaintance and classmate in religion of the fall of 1971 Dan Cathy. Chic Fil A CEO now with the passing of his father Truett, CFA is up for scrutiny in a new book by a Mr. Grem on Corporate blessings. See the Donald Young review at

     Dan has traffic in the world of Ginny Brant in the SBC and other venues, though on a spectrum I'm convinced Cathy and his Dad have more virtue than Metaxas.

     Cutting to the grain is a piece about the legitimate complaints of "Hillbillies". Not my word but in the title of a new book about Trump's appeal in Appalachia. I now believe Hillary Clinton will be the next president. I am also convinced her Presidency will be gimped if she doesn't take the concerns of the "hillbilly" book to heart as she takes the cause of Black Lives Matter.

    I think that is the guts of where we are in the United States on the eve of our 45th President.


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