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Friday, May 20, 2016

Bolivia Sharapova, Rick and Bubba and Russ Moore and the Atwater "Nigger" memo

    Before I get started let me go on record and say I like Rick and Bubba. We talked a few years ago about Anniston native Buckshot Willet and her avuncular downline Melanie Oudin who had a big splash in the French Open in 2009 and won Mixed Doubles with Jack Sock at Us Open few years ago and whose sister played four years at Furman and graduated 2015.

   And Olivia Odum, intern from Samford, Bolivia Sharapova as Rick and Bubba want to call you, walking around sense of the likes of Rick and Bubba is not what a good Baptist liberal arts education is about. For that know the legacy of recent Samford President Tom Corts, and find Ft Payne Alabama's Cherilynne Crowe, Samford and Vandy grad now with the Baptist Joint Committee in DC. Also Kate Campbell. They know what a Baptist is. R and B do not.

    But as for their fundamentalist Babdiss religion politics to quote Randy Newman in his exquisite 1972 tribute to Lester Mattox, Rednecks, They Don't Their Ass from a Hole in Ground.

    They said on the radio on my birthday Weds or was it yesterday, in an interview with SBC's ERLC Russ Moore Hillary Clinton was "morally Unqualified" to be President of the United States.
    Well find  Molly Marshall and explain that to her.

    Every matter in this election cannot be melted down to race politics but Rick and Bubba have some interesting conversations to come with the players in the Southeastern conference 75 percent or more of whom are people of color. Tell Them Rick and Bubba and Russ Moore Hillary Clinton is "morally unqualified" to be president of the United States when her lifelong heroes and mentors have been the likes of Marian Wright Edelman, Judge Frank Johnson and Maya Angelou. Since the early 70s her inner circle has included Taylor Branch--incidentally, Olivia his father is a Samford grad--the Pulitzer prize winner for his 1,000 plus page trilogy on the Civil Rights era. Explain that to Derrick Henry and his Mother and let us know how that conversation goes.

    Will link as I already have  to R and B's fbk wall my friend Randall Balmer piece Sunday in the Washington Post about the origins of Russell Moore and Mohler's reign in the SBC to the Birch Society and white Citizen's Council of the 60s.  Patterson and Pressler did it with Jesse Helms and Birmingham's Albert Lee Smith and Adrian Rogers of Memphis went along for the ride. Dallas Jeffress predecessor WA Criswell addressing Baptist pastors in SC in 56 said "now you wouldn't call a Chigger a chiggerow now would you?"

    In Princeton Wuthnow's Rough Country, you find the quoted "nigger memo" of the late Lee Atwater showing how the babdiss heroes of Rick and Bubba morphed race politics into the politics of abortion and prayer in schools and creationism and other fallacies that make up the so called "Christian Biblical" world view of their babdiss faith leaders and all their gibberish. See Giberson and Stephens The Anointed.
   For Rick Burgess expertise on Mormonism and Babdists, see Harold Bloom and the "masquerade" the Bible became for the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Let's panel this fall R and B with some folks who actually do know their ass from a Hole in ground on these and other matters.

   In the meantime Peace and Love and Have a Blessed Day.


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