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Friday, July 08, 2016

Rick Burgess and Bubba assault on liberal arts education: Samford and Free State of Jones

   If you scroll down a little on this blog you will see where I have had Rick and Bubba on the mind lately. I took a monthlong break while I was in Upstate SC but Tuesday their horsepoop on Bammer and syndicated Mississippi radio was cow pasture as usual.

   This time they made the outrageous assertion the Matt Mcconnaheee (sp) movie Free State of Jones was evidence the Republican party was best and all the Dems wanted to do was keep black people enslaved.

    These buffoons claim to have a college degree from Jax St. They host many Samford students as interns and recently had a Vandy coed in the building.

   They teach, least Burgess does and are popular among the ranks of fundamentalists now controlling the Bammer Baptist SBC.

    I talked to Phillip Poole in marketing for Samford a few days ago with some of my concerns. I know Rick and Bubba's ignorance, their religious political fundamentalism has nothing in common with late Samford President Tom Corts, nor JSU's Hardy Jackson and Brandt Ayers, nor good ole boy from the same environs as them, Piedmont Alabama's Rick Bragg.

    These clown bullshitters who wrap themselves up in a Primary department of a Sunday school Bible are sad if not for their wide following in the state who are convinced they are talking the "walking Around" Gospel Truth.

   Well Dammit, Here is the Truth about the GOP of today, the one Lee Atwater and Reagan, Carroll Campbell and Mike Hubbard crafted playing off the resentments of working class white folks

   And that's just for starters. There are the new books Ratfucked by Daley, White Trash promoted on NPR Yesterday and Wuthnow's Rough Country.

    I asked Samford's Poole since they have such a rich relationship with R and Bubba to consider hosting a panel this fall, late Sept or early October so Rick and Bubba like the organ grinders monkey going up the flagpole the higher he gets the more he shows his ass; let Rick and Bubba have a full ass showing at Samford on panel with the likes of Samford Grad and Pulitzer nominee Wayne Flynt and his disciple Mark Wilson of the Auburn Democracy Project; former U Bama Prez David Matthews of the Center for Civic Life, Suzanne Martin of the Samford faculty or the poli sci woman from Bham Southern even Hardy Jackson of R and Bubba's alma mater.

   Lets find out what Rick and Bubba and their fundy Bible are really made of. They seem to be itchin for a Throwdown. Lets give em a chance to Bring it.


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