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Friday, August 19, 2016

The political implications of the Baptist difference between Gowdy and LD Johnson

            This morning I had a 25 minute conversation with Nick of Pacolet South Carolina, homeschooled, now on  DC staff for Trey Gowdy, the Fox News Darling and tormentor of Hillary Clinton. Like myself Nick is a minister's son, his father from a  nondenominational in Pacolet. I shared with Nick my roots in the Bethany Baptist Church in Gaffney SC 62-78 and the role John Hamrick had in the origins of the church as a mission of FBC Gaffney.

   Hamrick was good friend of Roger Milliken Sr. and as textile magnate himself and former president of the American Textile Manufacturer's Inst had a private audience with President Ford in 74.

    I told Nick I think the number one topic for Gowdy as a fellow church member with Billy Graham at FBC Spartanburg should be the review The Betrayal of Democracy about the Daley book Rat Bleeping (Fbomb).

     When it comes to the Soul of America Ben Ghazi   pales in comparison in my political calculus, is even a distraction from the betrayal of democracy explained in the Daley book.  I am convinced the likes of Furman great moral compass LD Johnson understood that and that is how I tried to frame my impassioned part of the conversation with Nick this morning.

   FTR I followed with a conversation with "Kate" of SC Senator Tim Scott's DC office. Kate is a native of Summerville and a Clemson grad. I forgot to ask her if she'd been to the Blue Heron. I did ask her how well she was acquainted with David Wilkins. She knew him to be recent but no longer chair of Clemson trustees.

   Nick wanted me to see Gowdy's recent speech to Liberty University. Gowdy was introduced there by Mike Hamlet whose Baptist politics were huge part of the break of  LD Johnson and Furman from  SC Baptists. The Takeover of the SBC was chocked full of Birchers and White Citizen Council members; not a pretty site Jesse Helms to Paul Pressler which Hamlet and FBC Spartanburg's hero WA Criswell recently was unveiled was part of a whitewash of history by the Trump backer and current pastor Jeffress.

    Follow me here. Last week Isabel Wilkerson and Dr. Dew were on NPR and called for a Truth and Reconciliation committee to discuss this moment of Black Lives Matter and other justice issues that have flared up. President Carter is holding a conference in  Atlanta this fall that has the ear of the likes of Fernwood Baptist pastor Bailey Edwards Nelson and Ga Gov Lester Mattox nephew Baxter Wynn of FBC Greenville SC.

   Among the presenters in Atlanta will be Louisville Pastor Cosby, a eulogizer of Muhammad Ali. Cosby and Senator Scott I would think have a lot to talk about with Bakari Sellers and others..

   President Carter's Sept 14 New Baptist Covenant Atlanta Summit will hold a workshop on Prophetic Witness in the Political Sphere. I would love to be on the front row for that discussion.

     The implementation of the Gospel in the public square, the distinction between that of Gowdy of FBC Spartanburg on one hand, and the legacy of LD Johnson and and Baxter Wynn on the other framed in the sins of Lee Atwater and SC Gov Carroll Campbell as framed in Daley's RatBleeped book present a great chasm it appears to me Gowdy and many of his enablers at FBC Sburg have no interest in closing when push comes to shove.

     Nick also wanted me to read a piece from the Columbia State about Senator Scott and Gowdy and recent gathering they had with Columbia clergy of color and the police force there. That is honorable but shallow if it is an attempt to whitewash the legacy of gerrymandering and race politics of Atwater and Campbell. Gowdy the expert on Ben Ghazi who traffics in the politics of Liberty U and the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention should have no problem addressing the Atwater Memo in Wuthnow's Rough Country and the evolution of the race card into the religion card.

    Pardon my rambling.

     Dartmouth's Randall Balmer is quite articulate about the world of Trey Gowdy and Billy Graham, Graham a man Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler has embraced for his behind the scenes role in the SBC Takeover.

      So, The Betrayal of Democracy and the Rise of the Tea Party and the emergence of Trey Gowdy as a darling of Fox News and Liberty University.

    I'm hoping FBC Greenville, Furman University and the likes of Baxter Wynn, David Wilkins and Clemson will pursue this matter for the soul of the Upstate and to honor LD Johnson and Marshall Frady.

   PS. Joe Crespino, the author of Strom Thurmond's America make a presentation at Upcountry History Museum in Greenville in September. I hope Baxter Wynn, Kate and Nick or some person who has the ear of Scott and Gowdy are on the front row.

   PS 2 By circumstance after my phone call this morning I had brief exchange between the Collinsville PO and City Hall with the Mayor Johnny Traffanstedt. I attempted to convey to him the implications of my conversations this morning for Momma's hometown that has been sliced and diced by Mike Hubbard's and Joseph Morgan's and Phil Williams  bleaching strategies into 5 legislative districts. Maybe more on that later.

     See Link to the Betrayal Review embedded in Lincoln Republican blog of previous date.


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