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Friday, May 26, 2017

Bama politics and Ailes and Trump bad for the nation

  This will be a little scattershot and random but these last ten days have been confusing to say the least. Even so some great items need to recognized lest they be overlooked.

   One just in Sunday afternoon May 28 from New Yorker. Gets the pairing correct. Roger Ailes and Donald Trump bad for America.

   Chris Ladd has a great piece in Forbes on Baptist Pastors that maintained Southern cultural politics more than the strategist. Ive been working on that assertion for 25 years and delighted to be ratified. And he makes great and proper use of Atwater's "nigger memo".

       US House members from Mo Brooks to Mike Rogers in Bama, Jeff Duncan to Trey Gowdy in SC need to take that one to heart. Luther Strange senate campaign in Alabama is beneath contempt in the state of Harper Lee and Judge Frank Johnson and Carl Elliot.

   Time for Nick Saban's wife to denounce Luther Strange and the politics of Yellowhammer News and Rick Burgess

     Great profile of Sallie Yates in the May 29 New Yorker, interesting segment on Winder Georgia and her Methodist roots, though I think they get the dynamite story in the Gainesville Well a little off.

   Thomas Fallon has remarkable review of several recent books on JFK and kinda puts him in new perspective. Google in. Memory and politics pay tricks on all of us.

    Inerrancy works as poorly for Scripture as it does for remembering JFK. WA Criswell never figured that out, or he did and played the devil with it. See the Ladd piece.

  Will have more to say about that later.

   Children are graduating from High school and elementary school. Lot going on.

   And Kudos to Hillary Clinton commencement address today at Wellesley. In the parlance of the jockocracy of DeKalb County Alabama and Gaffney SC, she kicked ass and took names.


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