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Friday, April 28, 2017

Times Journal and Plainview True Blue "Bashing" False narrative

       April 26 I saw the finals of the DeKalb County HS girls softball contest. That was a Wednesday. Today, Friday the FT Payne Bama Times Journal headlined front page it was a "Bashing" by the True Blue Bears.

      That's what they call themselves in Rainsville Alabama. True Blue for their colors. Some of em are nice people but I haven't observed much royalty about them.

      Sure like the rest of the county I'm proud of Heather Mayes, from Fyffe, and what she did with the girls True Blue basketball team this year. In fact I woulda been okay if Jeremy Pruitt of nick saban's staff and a true blue alum had won the state championship.

    But sometimes their attitude sucks.

   For certain they didn't write the headline for the Times Journal, but it is somehow fitting for what many have observed is their snobbishness, a snobbery without substance other than their Mothers seems to keep their uniforms spotless.

   Here is what I saw. After 6 and a half innings of a 7 inning contest, the score was 9 to Five; only a four point differential. The number four team, Momma's alma mater (1940 where she finished with MKat Reed, the first woman to earn a doctorate from the county, not from True Blue Plainview, but One A Collinsville and all 20 something grads that year); So Momma's team is down only four runs against the number one or two team in 3a in the state.

    I don't call that a bashing, I call that guts on the field contest where the Lady Panthers are playing their hearts out for all the Gippers and Gippettes before.

   In the TJ report I didn't see anything about the pitchout by catcher Abigail Ford to our shortstop Trinity that baited the runner on third into an out at home.

     So sterling play from the Panthers. I'm proud of them. I hope Miss Koufax the starting pitcher for Plainview does well in the playoffs against teams whose Mommas starch their uniforms everyday. And Super shortstop as she goes to West Ky, all the best to her on the softball team and their football team with Steve Spurrier's son Steevie assistant head coach.

  Parting shot. If the TJ and True Blue want to look at dominance and bashing, check the basketball tourneys of the mid 90's when Solomon Stanton and Neal Thrash reigned.

    That's what you call a "BASHING!!!!!"


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