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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Todd Starnes on Cspan BookTV; Reverberations for Elaine Guest and Macedonia Baptist Church

          Update April 6. When I wrote the following off the cuff last Friday I forgot to mention Starnes references on Cspan about this Trump moment as a Bonhoeffer Moment. That's close to blasphemy as framed by Starnes but not surprising as in the last two years or so Ronnie Floyd of the Starnes Network and Eric Metaxas of Trey Gowdy and FBC Spartanburg's Truth for a New Generation conferences have prostituted Bonhoeffer likewise.

     Karen Guth, the daughter of Furman proff Jim Guth attempted to put the train back on the track a few years ago in her Christian Century piece Abuses of Bonhoeffer.

    And more to the point last fall Charles Marsh had this explicit piece on Metaxas fascination with Trump

    I called Trey Gowdy's office this morning and talked to one of his staffers, A Carolina Gamecock grad. Will remind them of this update tomorrow.

      Todd Starnes, a movement fundamentalist of the worst legacy of Paul Pressler and Adrian Rogers was on --easy google--over the weekend touting his new book picking at Hillary Clinton and her unfortunate deplorables comment. More Trouble for Russ Moore and the plethora of stories from the New Yorker and Washington Post in the last six months about the future direction of the Southern Baptist Convention as the devil's playground for Freedom Council, Tea Party, Trump altright base politics.

     Trey Gowdy and his Christian radio promoter Tony Beam of North Greenville College have some explaining to do in this shadowy world of Truth for a New Generation Workshops.

     None of them to my knowledge have engaged Hochschild's Strangers in Their Own Land, in their political analysis. Bottom line is Oil is the New Cotton in Trump's Southern Baptist plantation economy. And as Ive blogged before she makes great reference in her National Book Award Finalist book to Gaffney's WJ Cash.

    Macedonia Baptist Church is on I 85 just west of Gaffney South Carolina and the Big Peach. Terry Duvall had 40 years of mainstream Biblical ministry there. Now it seems Tony Beam of the world view of Todd Starnes wants to take it into a Liberty Baptist political world. There are a lot of grand people at Macedonia. I went to school with some of them and know others by reputation. It would be a travesty if Beam  and and company do for that church what Nelson Price and his minions from North Greenville did to Shorter College in Rome Ga.  For that story google the inside Higher Ed piece.

      Elaine Guest  Fowler is a good woman who devoted her life to education. She was a dependable and earnest member of my Dad's church in the 70s in Gaffney. She is now a member of the Cherokee County School board.

      Jack Causey is a former pastor of FBC Gaffney now associated with a  group that counsels churches in transition for Congregational Health. As a former President of the North Carolina Baptist Convention, Causey has seen fundamentalism at work.

      My prayer is Macedonia will seek the counsel of Causey and his fine group in this time of transition, and my friend Elaine will see that Beam and Starnes are not the way forward for public education.

   postscript: and for the big picture, the broad perspective, try Jonathan Edwards and "chiliasm".


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