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Friday, August 04, 2017

Do Trey Gowy and FBC Spartanburg Have the "Ingredients" To Face Down Fox News Distortions of Christian Martyrs

      Sam Shepard died last week. His True West stoked a memorable exchange with my Mother, a new plateau of our bond as we passed each other on a morning walk on the Molena Hwy south of Zebulon Ga in 1983. But it is Shepard as Frank James in the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford that raises a question for me for Baylor grad, fellow church member of Billy Graham Trey Gowdy and his world this morning.

   The opening scene of Brad Pitt as Jesse James  is great. Not only the poem by the actor from North Carolina, but they exchange between Casey Affleck and Sam. In a dress down of Robert Ford to join the gang as full fledged member, Frank James (Shepard) says : "Son, you don't have the ingredients....."

    So here we are with Laura Ingraham showing her nominal Catholic half cocked take  last night on Fox News Special Report panel on the Argentine Priest Sporado re Bannon, the right wing of American Catholicism and fundamentalist evangelical politics in America. Sporado said there are similarities to Islamist terrorist ideology.

   That sent Miss Laura spinning straight to hell. With obvious ignorance of the legacy of El Salvador's martyr Oscar Romero and his circumstances in 1980 in El Salvador, his monument in bust in Westminster Abbey in London with Martin Luther King, Jr and Dietrich Bonhoeffer as of the three great Christian martyrs of the 20th Century, She took it straight to the Birchism of the early 60s that sought to define King as a communist Traitor.

   I called Congressman's Gowdy's office this morning, left a message on the machine of a staffer at FBC Spartanburg, alerted the Student Ministries of St. Francis Catholic Church in Tuscaloosa Alabama to which Nick Saban and his wife gave a million dollars last year, and left a message on the machine of the U Bama Legend Senator Richard Shelby about this perversion of the Christian Faith by Fox News.

    Here is what I know from my Baptist experience. Jesse Helms supported Roberto Daubuisson death squads in El Salvador, Daubuisson who according to the New Republic allegedly set in a room and drew straws for the "priviliege" of assassinating Romero.

    Helms was key ally of Paul Pressler of the Council for National Policy---see Frances Fitzgerald How Evangelicals Shaped America on Pressler and Gary North--in the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention that alienated Furman, Mercer, Wake Forest, Baylor, Samford frorm the Baptist ranks.

    To his dying day Helms was convinced Martin Luther King was a communist and refused to honor his Holiday.

    In the late 80s the former chancellor of the UNC system, long time popular host of a show on North Carolina PBS, Bill Friday, told the pastor of the FBC Asheville, NC, Cecil Sherman the most significant thing to happen in NC in the 1980s was the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Wake Forest and the ouster of my Dad's friend and classmate of the 50s, Randall Lolley as President.

   Because Helms and his Pressler network of leftover Birchers knew that in that seminary they could get in the heads of a new generation of Baptist preachers that would go into every precinct, hamlet and suburb of North Carolina and the eastern seabord and twist their inclinations toward political fundamentalism in the voting booth.

    That is what Father Sporado is recognizing now from Argentina, while Laura Ingraham and friends have gone a whoring for the false gods of Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes.

   As for where Dietrich Bonhoeffer would be on all this, do not consult Eric Metaxas who FBC Spartanburg hosted a few years ago in the Truth for a New Generation conference, talk to Charles Marsh of UVA, a Baptist minister's son of Laurel Mississippi who interviewed among others along his pilgrimage, Sam Bowers, the prototype of the evil Klan genius in Mississippi Burning.

    Read Joshua Green's Devils Bargain about Bannon, Trump, Sessions, and Bama Baptist minister's son Cliff Simms of Yellowhammer News.

    Fox News will take this country straight to Hell. FBC Spartanburg should not be their accomplice


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