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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The So Called "Biblical (?) Worldview" of Andrea Tice and Rick Burgess Sux

     This blog will evolve and refine over the next few days, so some back later. Should be some pristine resource links embedded and footnoted at the end, so do the remedial education.

    Andrea Tice has the midday slot on Yellowhammer News and Crawford Broadcasting WYDE out of Bham and Cullman. I have written about their network to the White House through Cliff Simms, and many spiderwebb entanglements with several influential fundamentalist Southern Baptist mega churches including the 14 campus Baptist Church of the Highlands.

   Yesterday I heard Luther Rice grad Tice--her husband on staff at Church of Brook Hills--talking about the evils of the Moslem faith. I called in and the screener, said: "Brother, we aren't taking your calls anymore".

    Tice out of ignorance she shares with Rick Burgess--they announced Burgess endorsement of some Dawson fellow for Governor, to the right of Mike Huckabee they say--she at best whitewashes "Christian" history in Bama.

      George Wallace had 80 percent approval by white Baptists in the 60s in Bama. Somehow that, nor WA Criswell's remarks at the 56 SBC pastors conference in Columbia SC doesn't register with Tice and Rick Burgess when they want to excoriate the menace of Jihad.

     I'm no fan of what happened in London two days ago, but I will submit the Mayor of London is a better American than Donald Trump, Rick Burgess and Andrea Tice. He understands the vision of Democracy shared by Condi Rice, Obama in his Profiles in Courage Acceptance speech, and Azar Nafisi in her Introduction to this Republic of Imagination.

      I talked to Jennifer Rash of the Bama Baptists where I will link this blog on facebook, right after I got the blackball notice from Crawford Yellowhammer. Also left a message for Wendy Davis, assistant to the pastor of FBC Gardendale, Alabama.

   This discussion needs some light. I hope Samford and or Bham Southern will host some conversations this fall.
    Google, Pastors, Republicans, Forbes; and Wayne Flynt on Alabama religious politics at Financial Times. I'm with Harper Lee and Atticus Finch on this one.....Andrea and Rick, we'll be talking about you in a couple weeks at the Convo of the of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Atlanta.

   Post script. Apparently my ban was just for the local branch of the Woolworths, the Andrea Tice show, as Weds I was back on air in a call in to FBC Gardendale's Scott Beason morning show on WYDE. Had him looking at the Forbes piece but as we know Comey testified on Thursday and I imagine Beason got distracted.

     On Thursday I called in the Finebaum show and had good chat about the Bear and Frank Deford


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