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Friday, January 11, 2019

How Furman Helped Clemson Beat Bama; and the Movies

    Monday afternoon Mike Mack Pheerson, A Bammer, said the Sabanites would beat Clemson by 19 but he was wrong.

   Clemson yellowhammer rammer Jammer beat the Poop outta alabammer by 24, ten more than the 14 which was the two biggest loss spreads in the Saban era.

   It was a shellacking and the whole world knows it.

    Oh the Furman angle. Billy Kaiser was a receivers coach, a Furman grad who left Bama for the Arizona Cardinals. One of the reasons a Bama five star recruit chose Clemson over Saban was the coaching carousel at Bama, a leak in the Process. Dabo pointed that out and the Phoenix city receiver went Orange, only the second in the Saban era to forsake the once Mighty Tide, now out to Sea, for the up and coming program.

    The Other Jameis Winston.

   The Tide may never come back in.

   I have a lot to say but don't have time so come back later.

  One Clemson fan, Karen Atwater Baker Carter of the UMC downtown had the best analysis. Venables whose son was a star at Daniel High School, had explored the weakest link in every Bama formation and he exploited the max out of it.

   Antonio Langham said the Bammer linebackers and defensive backs were looking at each other and the sidelines in a daze and nobody knew how to get out of the Fog. 

   The Process Did Not work, sportsfans. I Man on the Finebaum show Wednesday explained the rest.

    It will be some time if ever in my lifetime Bammer's get back on the Mountain and the arrogant obnoxious fans had it comin so Rammer Jammer beat the poop out of em back at you.

   Gaffney Indians are the best.

   Now here is something else Ive been thinking about this new Year in a crunch.

   Best movie lines in no particular order.

   One. You know how many people I know in El Paso, Zero that's how Many  No Country

  two. Midget , Broom, Helluva a campaign. Oh Brother.

   Mr Arther had no idea what he would say to Billy Knapp. The Coens Buster Scruggs.

   Give me the Blood, give me the pipeline. New Yorker's best of the 21st Century, There Will Be Blood.

    Uncle Frankie's riding Garibaldi. Man who wasn't there.

   We're goin to Ben's. Blue Velvet.

    Also Dennis Hopper in Paris Trout, line of the Black Mother: Jesus will be here soon and cover us both with a blanket.

    Tom Waites lines in Ironweed. Charles Darwin Father of modern Botany, died in 1936, born of two midwives.

    It needs a little work but it'll do. Lester Ballard in Child of God

   And from the novel by Charles Frazier of Cold Mtn Fame, this one about the wife of Jefferson Davis: "Ma'm we're in South Carolina, Who Knows Their Standards."

   I'm the Only Sane Sumbitch in Here.  Doyle Hargraves in Slingblade. See my blog where I asked Billy Bob Thornton a question.

    Happy New Year


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