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Born May 18, 1953; got saved at Truett Memorial BC in Hayesville, NC 1959. On rigged ballot which I did not rig got Most Intellectual class of 71, Gaffney High School. Furman Grad, Sociology major but it was little tougher than Auburn football players had Had three dates with beautiful women the summer of 1978. Did not marry any of em. Never married anybody cause what was available was undesirable and what was desirable was unaffordable. Unlucky in love as they say and even still it is sometimes heartbreaking. Had a Pakistani Jr. Davis Cupper on the Ropes the summer of 84, City Courts, Rome Georgia I've a baby sitter, watched peoples homes while they were away on Vacation. Freelance writer, local consultant, screenwriter, and the best damn substitute teacher of Floyd County Georgia in mid 80's according to an anonymous kid passed me on main street a few years later when I went back to get a sandwich at Schroeders. Had some good moments in Collinsville as well. Ask Casey Mattox at if he will be honest about it. I try my best to make it to Bridges BBQ in Shelby NC at least four times a year.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Oct 2 update: Mayor Carter, Mike Rogers; Lowell Barron, Quilt Walk and REEform in Bama

Oct2, MOnday:
Here are several sighting and thoughts on this years QW, pretty random.
Friday was beautiful weather; due to extenuating problems, more car problems I hit the walk this year entertaining myself with a little theatre of the absurd, which amounted to a shirt selection. Caught the prayer right there on Main Street about kickoff time Friday noon with the organizer and the librarian holding hands with about three constables, wherein the organizer asked Jesus to help her hold her tongue during the event.
I kinda wish the librarian had held hers during the three strikes, the Kangaroo Court and the Mercer phone call; but all that is a matter of local history.
Other than about three women involved in the QW phenomenon though, I have to give them credit, it is evolving into quite a civic event, even if patronized by 93 %(estimate) women.
Some of my "Sponsors" were had promised to put up the 6 bucks for the ticket, but when I looked in the bldg to see on Sat from whom I would have to purchase and it happened to be the chief culprits in the Mercer affair, I just couldn't do it.
I did however kinda want to see how the story teller named in a Gadsden Times article treated the Underground railway and wove it into Collinsville's peculiar circumstances in Dekalb County. Was particulary interested to see if anybody in that civic function housed in Collinsville's historic Baptist Church made any connections to then and the dilemmas facing the Hispanic influx today; to see if the "White Folk" had learned anything about justice work when it made a difference, or were they still keying on History and a treat, a day out for the "ladies".
I did in fact have a conversation with two nice women from Texas. They were visting Bham and came up for the day.
One of my black friends did allow he was favorably impressed with the talk at the Baptist--I think it was every hour on the hour--and I heard several favorable reviews the next morning at Jack's from participants.
My friend Charles Payton, took the walk. He was one of my Grandfather JOrdan's students.
Had a cordial conversation with a young woman and her mother who is pursuing post graduate study at JSU, having done work at Florida State and Miss St., in psychology.
Did notice the librarian and a city councilman deacon doing some post walk civic work last Sat afternoon as I was getting some guacamole in the establishment across the street; great guacamole I recommend for all the natives and any travelers who come through; last establishment on the right before the RR track going east.
Bobby Welch's boyhood friend did a good job with his tramway toating the women about town.
And another plus was the diversity of locations this year, including a black church and the new community center in a black neighborhood.
Would be interested to know if any of the walkers or folks associated with the library or sponsoring organizations including the STudy Club and Aunt Mary know anything about Pearl, the remarkable character in Doctorow's The March. Page 240 is good place to start; beautiful remembrance there.
Wanted to ask the brought in story teller if she was familiar with Pearl.
Carol Mockenhaupt was the storyteller according to the GAdsden Times. You can read that story online with registration.
Bout forgot, I understand they got prepublicity in Tuscaloosa News, Gadsdentime, FPayne Times Journal and Chatt Times. Great line in in TJ from Ms Wilkins, one of her best to the effect there would be hot dogs, hamburgers, quilts and chips, the food provided by "Baptist" men. What could be better, she mused.
So if you take out my recent experience with the Librarian and some other key folks in this event, I give the weekend a B Minus; which if they take the chip off their shoulder is a pretty good grade, I thought.
On another matter I have a letter published in today's ; not up online yet, but should be in a few to ten days.
Oct 2, a Monday

Sept 25, a Tuesday if I am not mistaken That article from yesterday's free weekly in the Collinsivlle area--you can get a copy at the Pig; the sentiments of US Bama 3rd District Congresmman Mike Rogers do not square with the sentiments of Mayor Jimm Carter, the mayor of the most ethnically diverse town in the state
The goood Mayor who I have previously called a blowhard on this board for his eggregious role in the Kangaroo Court of January 24 where I understand Donna Jones to have said--she told me herself the evening of April 1, after the Reception, after the Multitude was fed--this time by Raymond Weaver--and the soul slipped fourth and the truth started coming out--see Mary Oliver's poem Maybe
It was that evening Ms. Jones a member of the Collinsville Library board told me she said Jan 24: I know Fox, more than likely he was just teasing.
Susan Weaver was there Jan 20, that was her take.
Russ Beene was there for the Yale Deadline letter on Behalf of getting Matthew Morgan into Divinity School and he witnessed nothing that came close to a building block for getting somebody permanently banned from a public library.
My Friend Mary Berry witnessed a similar nothing incident in the fall of 2003, couple days after Ms. Wilkins was losing ground in a church disucssion of the role of women in a Baptist Church.
As Annie Ruth Brown and Rebecca Mitchell said in a statement quoted in a certificate Martha Barksdale presented to Jennifer Wilkins in the presence of Congresman Aderholt April 9 in the Presbyterian Church in Collinsille, it is indeed the case Ms. Wilkins "can do so much with so little."
But I digressed here at the outset.
The Link above stands in contrast to a remark Mayor Carter made a few days ago to me on Main street just about 40 yards east of the newly named Chambers Street intersection.
Mayor Carter said he was proud of me for the remarks he had heard I made in the Guatemalan Church matter before the zoning board. He said he tells Lowell Barron and Congressamn Aderholt, for whom Jojo Morgan, the local pastor's 4th and some would say most notorious offspring interned, Carter tells them he is not so much worried about the border as he is with assimilating local immigrant population into Collinsville's basic ways of citizenship.
I don't think the Mayor had the behavior of two city councilmen on the day of Feb 23rd in mind; god I hope not cause I don't have enough money to buy that many bicycles.
Point is both the Mayor and Rogers, if in their heart they are truly vituous, and here I would reprimand the local Pastor's association for a less than a prophetic, progressive stand on immigrant issues--both have a lot to learn from Miguel DeLaTorre at and my good friend David Ostendorff of
Bishop Willimon has in the last year taken issue with Senator Sessions on Immigration reform. I have done every thing I know to do to encourage Lori and Peggy at to make copies of White Heat at ; bobMoser's article available to the Collinsville city Council
For sure I say Rich Lowry's column in today's Gadsden times, you can read online from Spet 22 at
But I think the Bishop, and the Christian Community, the one I understand Matthew Morgan, John and Susan Weaver, Becky Kennedy and Bishop Willimon to be flourishing in; that community has no stomach for the political calculations and hubris of Mike Rogers. He is playing a classic Lee Atwater, karl Rove Card and there is no word from the local Baptist cooperative program funded Richard Lnad's ERLC to quicken their conscience about it.
JR bobo told me at breakfast couple weeks ago, nobody cares about my Poop. Said he would rather talk football. Go ahead and talk football till you are blue in the face, I like it too, to paraphrase REd Etheredge's maid in the opening sequences of Blessings of Liberty;
Just if you get there first Joseph R, get Jesus to telegraph me a message and let me know how your sentiment plays in Heaven. Let me know and I will do my best to get word to Jojo Morgan and Tyler Coker, cause best i can figure they are bettin on football.
Even so, Gaffney's Sidney Rice and Spurrier's Cocks in a major upset of Auburn nationally Thursday night; a historic event, and then October 19, a national event, Gaffney takes on #4 Byrnes on Nike's Game of the week on FoxSportsNet.
More later when I take up the quilt walk and the Underground RWay theme with Annie Lucas Brown.

Sat 23rd: In my take on Senator Barron of yesterday, I failed to mention some of my reservations about his response to the Constitutional Reform question I posed to him when he had a Town Hall Meeting June 13 in Collinsville.
The way the state embraced Bama Gov Riley's appointment of former Samford President Tom Corts to clean up the state's two year college system is easily interpretted favorably for Constitutional Reform in the State. Corts has been a leader in that movement and is supported by the best and brightest including the broader network which UMC Bishop Willimon has smiled on.
Barron resists engaging the idea of Constitutional Reform. He says the people are not interested in it. AT the town Hall meeting, he said I was the only person in several meetings across the region who had brought the issue up, that he considers himself a servant of the people, in Montgomery only to push issues that are of concern and benefit his region.
He began his talk with the standard lament of NOrth Alabama, that the Big Mules of George Wallace's Black Belt once controlled the state, but through folks like Barron and other wiley politicians of North Alabama we have been able to bring power and money back up this way.
What Barron fails to mention, and it is sad folks the likes of several deacons, a leader in the Quilt Walk and so called downtown revitalization movement, is that Bama lights like Wayne Flynt of Auburn and Hardy Jackson of JSU, not to mention the editorial boards of leading papers in the state, look at the same tea leaves and see that folks like Barron are now the Big Mules, and it is their resistance to Const Reform that shackles the state. And it is regrettable retired asst. School Supe's, Women's Federated STudy Clubs and the like don't push Barron on the issue. So the charming Lowell gets away with the Hipoppalorum and LoPoppahiram Huey Long made famous and is celebrated once again in the Great All the King's Men that opened nationwide yesterday, James Carville, himself as one of the three producers.
As I say below, Barron has enormous political capital. He could use that in the next few years to bring Corts, Flynt, Stephen Black and others to Martha and Donzella's STudy clubs the next few years, have a bipartisan panel in places with Todd Greeson and let's take a good look at the latter day Big Mules, name them and talk unflinchingly about what is good for our region and the entire state.
Stephen Fox
Senator, Thanks for working with me to get Edsall's book to NACC. I've already let him know both of us are itching to get at it.

Sept 22:Collinsville Homecoming today that always reminds me of some of the great parade scenes on film, Mystic River and Paris Trout. Had to lean a little toward PT today as saw one of my favorite city Councilmen coming down the street. Looks like he bought him a new truck; a reminder of the Feb 23 dance downtown on the streets. Saw his compadre Saturday at Trade Day.
Talked to a lot of folks. Some were kind of mum, others including the former Mayor quite gregarious. A school board member was there, former HS football coach, and then I looked to my left and here comes the 2nd most powerful man in the state, Lowell Barron, campaigning. He autographed one of his brochures for me and I will cherish it, up there along with my autograph from Lucas Black, in the higher eschelons, just below the top tier of Will Campbell and Bill Moyers.
Recommended Tom Edsall's latest book to Senator Barron, saying he and Joe Turnham and myself; we could all learn from it. It is excerpted in Sept 25 print issue of
Barron's opposition this time around is active FBC Ft. Payne church member Don Stout, Collinsville Deacon Chair Brad Barksdale's boss at the Gas House in Ft. Payne. For God's sake I hope Stout knows more about his denomination and church policy procedure and ethics than Brad does. Brad is not a bad guy, just too enamored, too trustful and take him at his word of the pastor than a good baptist should be. Randall Balmer, Tom Edsall, George Truett; the perspicacity of Tom Corts, those are all foreign names and ideologies to Brad, and would not be surprised if same for Stout.
Here is the faultline in that race to date
I don't see Barron losing. But as I have emailed him campaigns are a teachable moment for us all. I hope Barron will learn something from Tom Edsall, admit some mistakes of the past, join the Const Reform bandwagon, apologize to former Auburn President William Muse if need be; embrace a bipartisan review of his son in law Coy Murray's housing operation across from the frog pond, and embrace the justice politics of Miquel De La Torre and help square the ill will in Bob Moser's report White Heat in
Barron has some great deal of political capital. In serious conversation with he may be able to remedy aspects of his legacy in his remaining terms of his office and answer some of the current outstanding questions about his leadership.
However he fares in this latest round of his political pilgrimage, I wish him well.

Quilt walk is next weekend. I understand the theme is the Underground Railroad. AT one point I understood there was an attempt to bring in the famous quilters of Gees Bend. Don't know if that materialized or not. Will be quite fascinating if they pull that off. Would love to have some of the Gees Bend quilters sit down for a town forum to discuss the legacy of some of the folks that moved me out of the Collinsville Baptist Church.
PS Lowell, you and Mary Anne may want to navigate this discussion on Chic Fil A's Truett Cathy. Do read the links, especially the one on the Christian Coalition endorsement of CFA's former corporate attorney Perry McGuire for Atty gen of Georgia. Question is how does Perry and CFA compare and contrast with Bama's on Troy King, especially along the baptist faultline of the Baptist World Alliance.
And where does the quilt walk CEO's come down on the BWA with Mr. Fortner, or do they and Brad even have a clue as to its significance.

Original bipartisan post welcoming Mary Anne Cole to viewing this blog. Talked to her on the phone this morning. She said she is lurking here, and did confirm the late August lunch in Ft. Payne with Uncle Prentice and Roger McDonald.
Here is the link that sets this post up
And here is a staff waiting to help if you go forward and fall prostate on the altar

Had a message on my machine this morning from BAma GOP Committeewoman Mary Anne Cole who has taken an interest in this blog. Her Uncle Houston Cole is former president of Jax St. University which has played Furman football opening game and lost both times.
Mary Anne's family grew up in church with my Dad's family at Calvary in Rome, Georgia, and her brother Fowler and My recently deceased Uncle Fremont were lifelong friends.
Fowler has been active in Jerry Vines WEst Rome BC and was active with the Birch Society for a while. But he also sings a great bass, and I remain open to singing with him again at a family reunion or some such if he is willing.
Mary Anne is an interesting bird. She campaigned for Judge Roy Moore for governor, but is a member of the FBC Ft. Payne, a congregation that supports the Baptist World Alliance. Mary Anne herself is of the opinion God can indeed call Women to senior pastorate.
So Mary Anne, in addition to getting a new computer and finding an email service you can settle on, I suggest you set up a blog. Folks at Collinsville Library will be more than happy to assist you, folks in the quiltwalk where you can join the sewing circle there. They are always looking for another avenue to Congressman Aderholt in addition to Jojo, and you certainly fit the bill.
To get the ball rolling keep an eye on the chat going on at

The Owner of the Baptist moderate publishing house Cecil Staton had a photo op at their offices endorsing the GOP slate for Ga offices, including the corporate attorney for Chic Fil A.
Interesting indeed, as you see my thoughts there.
As long as you and me and John Killian and John Screws can keep talking without packing, there is hope for peace and civility in Alabama.

Stephen Fox


Blogger foxofbama said...

The September 21 Dekalb Advertiser has an article on the New Year of the Collinsville Study Club which sponsors the Town Library. I Hope to get the gist of that article for you up here in this thread soon; and Kelly Townsend Sept 27 report on the Underground Railroad Theme for this year's quiltwalk.
I wonder if they know about Pearl in Doctorow's The March.
Had a direct conversation with the Pastor's wife last night in the Pig Parking Lot.
She is as stubborn and intractable as ever on the major concern that now faces the church's reputation and legacy.

2:29 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Ms .Chambers, who the Mayor recognized as the Chairman of the quiltwalk, made a report at Collinsville City Council meeting last night. She praised my Feb 23 friend David Ryan of the Collinsville Baptist Church Deacon Baord and City Council for his work with the quiltwalk this year.
She said about 550 folks took the walk at 6 bucks a pop and a quilt sold for 700 bucks.
she conceded just two days after she does not know what total expenses were.
for sure Sew N Sews and her catering business practically joined at the hip with the local ministerial alliance; her businesses have accrued enormous advertising over the last six years as a result of their sponsorship of the quiltwalk.
An announcement was also made about plans to have portions of Collinsville named a historic districts.
During the citizens forum I made a few remarks about that announcement, reminding folks my Mother's extended family was influential in the first half of the 20th Century in the Town, in fact the block where the Sosos and Catering Business now reside was once known as the Jordan Block; if I understand Martha Barksdale's History correctly.

9:40 AM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Sat Morn. October 15 on the corner of Chambers Street and MAin, I got cussed again by member of a very influential family in the church and community. There was a witness.
Looks like the churchin committee of Collinsville Baptist has another prospect
As I told the pastor's wife again Saturday I remain as I have since 2003 ready to meet with anyone who wants to sit down and talk these things out.
The Good Christians at Collinsville Baptist, seem however, to have chosen another method, one that if I understand the English language, the pastor himself said was Unbiblical August 15, 2004.

9:14 AM  

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