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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Update Nov 17: E.Y. Mullins on John and Gloria Morgan and the COS

Here is a discussion from a Conservative Blog that may add insight to my differences with the Morgans and the folks they finesse to maintain their influence in the church and community
Lot of ways to get lost in the fog in this matter as several folks testified after the vote of May 28, 2006 that bans me from even attending morning worship and singing the hymns that are part of my experience in the church where my Mother was baptized.
Gloria Morgan and her council of Shadows should not have the power to do that. I have grave reservations about her Christian Walk in this matter; at a minimum the way in which she and her core group are failing to live out what many believe are the clear teachings of scripture when it comes to church conflict.
If my perceptions are off plumb in this matter, it is no secret in our town who the core group that initiated the events that led to my ouster are. I repeat what I have said since january of 2003, the deacons should bring them to the table, and with the exception of a few folks in the community who show signs of being clinically disturbed, we should have a shot at talking this thing out.

COS; that would be the Council of Shadows, the local branch in Collinsville Baptist Church.
EY Mullins, the Baptist mind who developed the priesthood of the believer said this in 1905: "All Believers have a right to equal privileges in the church."
He obviously had no idea how corrupted and molested a concept that would become in Collinsville, Alabama Baptist church the last four years.
In my experience, here, we have supernumeraries, who finesse situations to maintain control.
My offer stands to the church: I am willing to sit down with the Myers brothers and any other concoction that includes the three women who set in motion to sequence of events that got me voted off the property.
I have every reason to believe, the pastor and his wife, were part of the supernumerary process.
EY Mullins said that is not the way Baptists do things in a local church.
Maybe Dr. Morgan has a passage from Francis Schaefer that convicts him to process otherwise, but looks like it is NOT Baptistic.
Hope things pretty much otherwise with you all are well.
Came across the quote last evening while rummaging through some documents looking for something else and here, on poster board celebrating the BJC 1994 celebration was this stellar though from old EY.
don't want to go on too long about it all, but may come back to this and Doug Hudgins, whose profile by Charles MArsh in God's Long Summer is fascinating, to say the least.
Hudgins was the historically inconsequential pastor of FBC Jackson, Mississippi in the 60's while the whole state was coming unravelled around him.
Hudgins, effete in similar ways to Dr. Morgan, maligned Mullins and Priesthood of the believer as well. The way Marsh references Harold Bloom's thoughts in the American Religion with his analysis of Hudgins is one of the more compelling ruminations in Baptist thought I have seen in some time.
Stephen Fox
Nov 2, 2006


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