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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fox Calls in Statewide TV with Tom Corts/Gtimes Letter

Last night, Oct 23, I called in and asked former Samford Prez Tom Corts a question about the implications of Tom Edsall's and Randall Balmer's books on Baptist character for the character of Alabama, particularly Gov Riley, and candidates Luther Strange and Drayton Nabers.
Corts stayed on message, talking about the state jr. college system, but allowed the question had merit, though maybe a little of an esoteric. While my admiration for Corts remains very high--I stand by the sentiment he may be the closest thing Bama has to offer to let anybody know Judge Frank Johnson and Hugo Black and ML King, Jr. once breathed the air here--I was a little disappointed in his response. The May front page tribute story in the Bham News about his tenure at Samford, belies the fact he knows in his gut how important the Baptist fight of the last 25 years has been for the character of the state. It is of strong significance, Troy King, the atty general, for instance, differs with progressive Baptists in the state; King pooh poohing the Baptist World Alliance while he stands by the BFM 2000.
Riley is far from presidential timber, may not even approach the ranks of Southern Governors of substance the last 40 years if he cannot articulately engage the themes of Balmer and Edsall's book.
I remind Corts my reference to Cecil Sherman and Bill Friday in an article of mine published circa 94 in Baptists Today on Samford's troubles with fundamentalists in the Baptist state convention.
Friday told Sherman the most significant event in the decade of the 80's in North Carolina was the fundamentalist takeover of Southeastern Baptist Seminary in the town of Wake Forest, my Dad and Uncle Prent's alma mater; as well as Samford Grad Randall Lolley, then president who the fundies ousted.
Friday said Helms and Pressler and Paige Patterson and that bunch knew in the takeover of SEBTS, through Baptist preachers that would then be indoctrinated into religious right values politics there; the Far right could reach into every suburb and hamlet in the state and in short time move the very center of politics and character of the state to their liking.
In a Oct 18 syndicated column picked up in the Gadsden Times, Rich Lowry dismisses the whole notion of Friday and Sherman. He disses recent analyses of Kevin Phillips and Michelle Goldberg on the matter.
I have responded with a letter I hope the Gads Times will publish.
Look for it.
Stephen Fox
Oct 24
Kate Campbell of is singing at the Harry Emerson Fosdick commemoration tomorrow in NYC. I wanted to be there but it did not happen. Even so working on Randall Balmer having lunch with Ellen Rosenberg.
Kate, Jim Henry's daughter, is ready to sing at FBC Ft Payne, Alabama when Martha Stout and my friend Mary Anne Cole get the vision and expedite the invitation.


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