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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Francis Schaefer, Mohler, and Dr. John Morgan

Don't want to get into this too thick before Christmas but it just came to my attention yesterday.
But maybe if the Yalie and the Dukey and the UVA sons of Morgan have some free time over the holidays they can query ole Dad about this, and we can take it up in the new year.
To my knowledge, Morgan the Dad, adamantly refuses to read Hankins Uneasy in Babylon, so it is doubtful he will read the Schaefer book either.
But you never know.

Here are some links; maybe Mark Cosby will read also, and DAvid Ryan and Jennifer Wilkins and Vanessa Chambers, Sandra Killian and Mamie Moore and we may get to the heart of the matter yet

Here is what I said about Mohler in the Jon Meacham site promoted by the Dec 13 Washington Post online edition.

Mohler's betters on this topic, Tom Edsall formerly of the Post, and Randall Balmer of Columbia University and author of the chapter Where Have All the Baptists Gone, in his Thy Kingdom Come; have weighed Mohler and his associates in the takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention on this matter and found Mohler a counterfeit to the tradition he now champions in this blog.The consensus on Mohler and his history in the SBC is not a pretty thing. He is kind of a brother to Karl Rove, if the worst perceptions of Rove are true; duplicitious, shameless, expedient, dark, dank and a prevaricator to boot.By willful intent, Mohler has forsaken the great Baptist legacy of Carlyle Marney and George Truett. He is a bastard child of the slimiest of the Baptist experience in America, rising professionally on the crest of a smarmy populism created and mastered by demagogues that would make George Wallace and Huey Long wince.It is a travesty that Meacham would give him voice in this forum.
Posted December 13, 2006 2:55 PM

Merry Christmas, and I did enjoy the third game, volleyball last night. I think had Val been on my side we woulda won the first two of three series instead of the solo win as it played out.
But hey, thanks for letting me play; I am so undeserving.


Blogger Jerry Grace said...

Dear Fox,

I stumbled across this post regarding Dr. Mohler and was wondering if you might join my "Mohler for President" team. Some of the folks over at the Founders Organization have had the nerve to suggest that I am not operating under the purest of motives. My soul is pierced at he accusation.

As well I am hopeful to have the Baptist Statement of Faith and Message replaced by the Abstract of Principles. Won't you join me in this effort as well. I think given a clear choice between the two that the convention will do the right thing. It's just too difficult to have two of our seminaries using a separate statement of faith than the rest of us. I think all of the seminaries ought to be operating under the Abstract of Principles if two of them are. So let's put this to a vote too.

It would be difficult to have Dr. Mohler as President without having our statement of faith reflecting his views, so there is little choice left for us but to replace the BSF&M with the Abstract.

My efforts at having Dr. Mohler stand for election and replacing the BSF&M with the Abstract is from a heartfelt need to clarify which choice we Southern Baptists wish to choose, Calvinism or something else that no one seems really able to define with much clarity according to the Founders Organization.

I am willing to suffer the humiliation of losing the vote on both these initiatives to bring direction to us all. As one who has been accused of being a real critic of Dr. Mohler in the past, I hope my fine efforts will cast me in a more favorable light with my Calvinist brethren. But alas they seem to think anything I am in favor of demands their opposition.

What a quandry!

Won't you join me in this effort and put aside any past grievances you may have. Principal is far more important than losing some election. And I have comforted myself that seeing Al Mohler lose a battle for President of the Southern Baptist Convention might be a possibility I would just have to learn to live with.

Jerry Grace,
Chief Pundit

9:59 AM  

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