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Friday, December 01, 2006

Update, Dec.7; "Congregational Crazies" and Church Conflict
Above is a Christmas chat going with a more conservative woman in Arkansas who shares the Olive Branch with me here in the Yuletide.
I promised this link for her and give it to you and will pick up Deweese's nuances later.

David Burton of the Conflict Resolution Network in Jesse Helms hometown of MOnroe, North Carolina--see Tim Tyson's Radio Free Dixie for a chilling description of Helms Dad pistol whipping a black man downtown Monroe in the 19 teens--who moonlights as the DOM for Union Baptist Association, has a provocative two page piece in the December issue of Baptists Today.
Collinsville Baptist Pastor Dr. John Morgan has secretly subscribed to the magazine in the past and I think continues to be a reader.
I am hoping Dr. Morgan will make good use of the well trafficked copy machine of Collinsville Baptist and make copies of this article available to the deacons of the church and even more specifically to the three key women who set in motion the series of events that got me voted off the church property where my Mother was baptized.
I called Burton yesterday afternoon after a cursory read of his article. I have looked at it closer since then. In short order he quickly assessed my situation in Collinsville to be a class 5/ Impact or Intractable dilemma. I guess it will remain that way as long as the deacons persists in covering for these women who have the church and town by the throat, in my opinion.
I am sure locals will key on the section of Burton's report: "Congregational Crazies."
To absolve themselves they will see me in every phrase, even read things in the kabbalah of the analysis. However, from the things posted on my windshield, and in the post office over this last year, I have stronger nominees for the award for our local situation.
To expedite the conversation here is a good bit of that portion of Burton in current Baps Today:
Identifying and constructively dealing with what Burton calls "crazy makers" is vital to managing congregational conflict said Burton. For pastors he noted, the challenge is to provide appropiate pastoral care to these persons while avoiding their skillful manipulation.
...."Crazy makers don't usually respect boundaries, demand constant attention, make increasing demands without ever being satisfied, and tend to act wounded or misunderstood. Such persons often use highly spiritual language and create established networks to achieve their destructive goals."

Fascinating observation by Burton. Burton hints however, earlier in the piece, differing ideas about a vision for the church, operational policies, and the like often spark a thicket.
Crazies coming out of the woodwork cause they feel like their power is being challenged in small town where kinship ties override everything when push comes to shove, adds a curve ball to Burton, or anybody's attempt at conflict resolution.
When you add convictions from one member who is convinced the pastor is disingenuous in discussing the last 25 years in Baptist life in a congregation at one time might have been open to pilgrimming out of the Baptist morass, all the while glowing in the education of his children at Duke, UVA and Yale Divinity School, while kissing up locally to the status quo and fans of James Dobson and Roy Moore; then maybe you do have "Stage Five."

Even so would be nice to be allowed to attend ever so often to see who comes back for Thanksgivng and Christmas and sing some congregational hymns of the Christian faith where your extended family owns about five or six keys of the new piano, and hand chimes were given to the church in honor of one's Mother.
Here is a link

And or search out pages 18 and 19 in at faith and practice for an intense discussion of my churchin at Collinsville from Feb through the spring of this year, topics ranging from mendacity to cornerstones, kangaroo courts and library projects, Rabbi Miller and Samford, the whole kit n kaboodle, not to mention Mercer University and prevaricators who dial em up June 3, 4, 5 or so.

And Merry Christmas to All


Blogger foxofbama said...

Taking it national.
Got a comment in to the Washington Post today for the online discussion with a Duke Educated Espiscopalian woman, hoping Mark of Duke will take notice.
And there is my letter expected to be published today in the SAmford CRimson in Bham.

8:46 AM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Had an interesting conversation about it all downtown Collinsville with a man who is active in Baptist life in the region. He made reference to CBC as a "Liberal" church.
If that is so I wondered allowed why they didn't get it voted out of the Association like they do in nearby Floyd County Georgia

1:36 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

For future reference

6:59 PM  

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