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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Matt Morgan's visiting proff posts At

Anyone who knows anything about my travails in Collinsville over the last year knows that my wisdom at got smeared with a phone call last June to Mercer; and before that was the subject of a great deal of controversy at the Collinsville Baptist Church.
In that storyline, today is a historic day.
Randall Balmer, a visiting proff for none other than Matthew Morgan in classes at Yale in 2005, posted on the board today on the very subject, abortion, that got me silenced in Sunday School in January of 06.
The chat is in the Mohler Nation thread at
I am hoping Mamie Moore and Vanessa Chambers, Jennifer Wilkins, Sandra Killian and Gloria MOrgan in particular have a chance to read Balmer on Baptists early in the New Year, and others as well.
Out of respect for Matt Morgan's illustrious religious pilgrimage if for no other reason; that should be a goal for 07.
I have no idea what was said in the Pastor's class at Collinsville Baptist this last fall about what it means to be a Baptist in America. I have serious doubts they used Balmer as a text. It is a travesty if they did not, and is ignominious if the likes of David Ryan the aforementioned women don't verse themselves in Balmer soon and work toward a working conversational knowledge of him if they pretend to keep the influence in the community they bask in currently, exiling self proclaimed heretics outside the local faith community.
More later. ....Just click on the link. Balmer is bottom of online Page One.


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