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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Burleson: "Mohler gives SBC The Finger"

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There go to SBC Trends and click on my post by same name.

It goes to the guts of what Baptist Witness in America will be in the near future as Burleson and his thinking conservative Baptist Ben Cole of Baylor and Barry hankins classes have every intention of meeting with the true Vine Baptists in Atlanta this coming January.

Frank Page had some good words. It is a shame he doesn't appear to understand the legacy of LD Johnson only 12 miles away.

June 14
Burleson's fellow Young Gun blogger Marty Duren has a blog up today any of you who follow Baptist Matters, or are interested in how the mindset effects national bloc voting patterns--they elected President Bush you know.
Got to give it to Duren for his Wisdom, Insight into the nature of blogging and public pronouncements. From My experience last couple years I know what he means.
Duren: 4. I’ve too much blood on my hands. Unfortunately, the nature of SBC debate is rarely civil and, even when it begins that way, can too easily degenerate into trench warfare against people that we are supposed to be working with, not fighting against. In this tension filled environment, things are said that should not be while reactions and over-reactions become more and more commonplace. One can only remain in an aggressive posture for so long. The role that I have played has been front line and I’ve learned more than I care to know. There is no desire on my part to degenerate into a constant skirmish, thereby becoming a fighting fundamentalist myself; I hope I’m stopping short of that particular curse.


And Chapter Nine from the great Barbara Brown Taylor in Leaving Church. In it Taylor explores similar combustion from the more enlightened end of the spectrum Duren has placed himself on.


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