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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fundies makin fun of the Modcon Baps

Tim Bonney over there on that board made a good point that it is easier to poke fun than offer solutions.

Even so I don't think Flick has got a hold of this Outhouse fellow yet; and when he does, watch out for a good whippin

Jerry Grace cracks me up...Open discussion on topics of interest to Baptists around the world.
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Jerry Grace cracks me up...
by Jonathan on Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:54 am
...great sense of humor, wit sharpened - doubtlessly - from decades being one of the few authentic believers in the room for decades in corporate life.His latest blog post had me almost losing control over a significant bodily function while waiting on yet another ferry (but from the smell of this particular terminal, it appears that Grace may have been translated into some Asian languages already).Here are the first three paragraphs:
SBC Outhouse wrote:The folks over at the Cooperative Baptist fellowship are working themselves up to a Carterian frenzy over the three day meeting they’re planning next year. If you don’t know what a Carterian frenzy is, that’s a condition where you imagine yourself to be a galactic potentate as wise as Yoda, with the karma of Mother Teresa, the respect of Sir Winston Churchill, but with the brain of Barney Fife. (I’m sorry Barney.)You can look at their schedule on line to find that it’s a disaster in the making. Instead of the normal three day meeting of Baptists composed mostly of singing and preaching, reaffirming a solid ant-alcohol position and taking yet another destructive gesture at reaching out to folks we announce are valuable, loveable, and noble and headed for hell, these folks have a schedule that Barbara Streisand will love. It even includes a speech from Al Gore which I notice they’ve placed on the schedule in the morning instead of after lunch to keep him from being drowned out by the sound of snoring. The schedule also includes former presidents Carter and Bill Clinton. As I have stated in the past, the reason why I don’t go to the Southern Baptist Convention as a delegate from my church is that I would have to vote for the President, who is fairly likely to be a Baptist which scares me to death. In twenty years we have had two Baptist Presidents and but for a few chads, the heinously frightening possibility of a third.and then..
SBC Outhouse wrote:We need to make no mistake about what will happen at this meeting, the embarrassment of the SBC where we’ll be painted us as a bunch of orthodox lunatics consumed with infighting and insensitivity. Well, I guess we’ve dealt them a hand which includes three aces and two kings as a good start...Someone get this guy a booking agent for after dinner speeches or whatever they are calling brotherhood get togethers these days.

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More from Grace...
by Jonathan on Sat Oct 20, 2007 1:17 am
I'd say that I couldn't help myself but then I'd have to read Norm or Mark attempting a sardonic wit with "you should have tried harder"...More from Grace:
When a black person shows up in your white congregation suddenly everyone just beams with the idea that they have arrived in a grand demonstration of their obvious openness and desire for inclusiveness. At that ultimate moment in the worship service, when we are supposed to shake the hands in welcome of those around us, there will be a rush to that black person by church staff and the spiritually illuminated. It’s fine with me if those black people come, or the local Vietnamese, the Mexican community, and even the Hindu family across the street, but not to satisfy my own need to prove just how racially sensitive I am.and...
Like most other Mississippians Flywheel hasn’t voted for a national Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter proved that white Southern Baptist governors were the most threatening force in society since Lenin strode in to Red Square with the Bolsheviks.The post about the Carver school is a classic (while not funny at all).Grace continues to be the top Baptist blogger in the realm. His is the kind of stuff that is a great read when I've had just about enough of ethically and morally corrupted businessmen, religious professionals who are way too self-enamored, church members who have a candyland concept of life on the mission field, short term mission team members who rave about the quiet nobility of the native, and so on.
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