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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TNR's Cottle on SBC's Richard Land

Here is an entry in 's The Plank today by Michelle Cottle.
Cottle was raised Baptist in Mississippi and got a Master's Degree from Vandy, just down the street from Richard Land.
I have been praying that Michelle would turn her focus to Land; and it looks like my prayers may be beginning to be answered.
Now if she would only take a close look, turn her gaze to Land's silence on the Right to Life Roll in the demonizing of McCain in Bush SC Primary 2000.
Hint: Give Bill Rauch, Mayor of Beaufort a call and go from there; maybe to Chip Campsen in the SC Legislature.

Having already expressed puzzlement over Southern Baptist leader Richard Land's man-crush on Fred Thompson, I'd like to turn now to a more pointed question.
Land has been be-bopping around to various media outlets, making very, very clear that he could never, ever support Rudy Giuliani for president in large part because of Rudy's marital infidelities. As Land ominously told Fox News's Chris Wallace not long ago:
I would not vote for Rudy Giuliani. If he were running against Hillary Clinton, I would not vote in that race. If a man will lie to his wife, and if a man will be dishonest to his wife, he'll be dishonest with anybody.
(For a more detailed and even more emphatic denunciation of Rudy's sins of the flesh, see Land's interview with the Florida Baptist Witness.)


Anonymous sfox said...

And there is a report today at from CBN about Land and Guiliani as well as fascinating take on SBC Prez and Frank Page at

12:29 PM  

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