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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wade Burleson on Brad Pitt's experience in the SBC

Google up Wade Burleson Blog for October 11.

I find it fascinating in more ways than I am able to comprehend at the moment.
Something in the order of the eye sees more than the heart can know.

Just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Whether Mark Kemp and Dixie Lullaby can help Wade Understand, I don't know.
Wade is reading Mark Noll. That is a very good thing.
I turn him over to Jesus and will pray without ceasing for him so that he may effect a good work in the community of the Saints at the New Covenant for Baptists meeting in Atlanta in January.
Closer to Wade's world is Johnny Pierce's recent blog on the BWA.
Brad Pitt is a good fellow and obviously has a virtuous mother. Jesus will take care of the rest.
The struggle for Wade Burleson and Frank Page is what will they do with the Baptist World Alliance; and how in God's economy can they line item veto Richard Land's ERLC out of the Cooperative Program dollars so NEVER AGAIN DO WE HAVE A CABAL LIKE LAND AND KARL ROVE!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are the comments the Dallas News Religion blog got on Burleson's blog

An Oklahoma Baptist pastor reflects on the religious musings of Brad Pitt
The Rev. Wade Burleson, of Enid, OK., has a blog that's read by many Southern Baptist pastors and others. His latest entry reflects on an interview fellow Oklahoma native Brad Pitt gave to Parade magazine - an interview that deals, in part, with religion.

Click here.

Posted by Sam Hodges at 01:26 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)
I don't know Pitts from the Piltdown Man. But after reading Burleson's piece, I can readily understand why Pitts was turned off by the Southern Baptists that were inflicted upon him in his youth.

What bothered Pitts and what Burleson defended was a crucial part of evangelistic salesmanship. First manufacture in the potential customer a belief that they simply "have to have" what it is you are planning to sell them. Once you do that, it is all down hill from there on. Generating that sense of guilt is the crucial first step, after which the sucker will likely buy whatever the slick salesman is promoting.

Posted by: Asinus Gravis | October 11, 2007 01:42 PM

Generating that sense of guilt? My experience is that there is no need to generate it. The problem is what to do with it. Which was Burleson's point.

The prior post makes the assumption that the guilt is false -- that it only appears to be something one has to have. Maybe that is true. But if someone has cancer, and is in denial, wouldn't the job of the doctor include getting the patient to understand that he is indeed sick?

It is easy to dismiss religion as another sales job. It is helpful to look a little deeper at the issue and debate its merits.

Posted by: James Wartian | October 11, 2007 11:31 PM

Burleson's entry is the Southern Baptist answer to the theological question, "What is guilt?"

I wish he had spent some time responding to Pitt's actual concern -- the way the church USES guilt. Burleson does acknowledge Pitt's actual concern near the end of his entry when he says "I also pray for my fellow Southern Baptists that we would avoid using guilt as the tool to keep the flock in servitude." Burleson's comment suggests to me that he knows what Pitt is talking about. He should have talked about guilt as a "tool" that the church uses rather than giving the "canned" answer.

Posted by: Jack Matkin | October 12, 2007 08:33 AM

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