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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My friends John Killian and Mark Ray in a firestorm

Google up Musings from Maytown or .

Then go to and a post by Mark Ray should CBF and Mainstream Baps of Bama merge; and the post about OK Senator Inhofe where the discussion got started about Killian's blog.
On any other day, I would describe my friend Killian as a fundamentalist, not as a pejorative but because words have meanings as Reinhold Niebuhr's great nephew Gus once explained to Albert Lee Smith in DC; but since skins are thin today I will give him pause as a leader of the socalled conservative resurgence in Alabama.
Killian is leader in the state for Ron Paul in the GOP horserace.
Within his community, and we all got to come from somewhere, he is a freethinker of sorts and I admire him for it. I disagree with him on most matters in the Baptist discussion, but have found him personally to be quite affable.
Killian does a great work in his community in Maytown, gives true meaning to the phrase compassionate conservative; though it may not ooze through in his current blog.
Mark Ray on the other hand afforded me the opportunity at Dexter Avenue in Montgomery fall of 2004 to meet Hugo Black's Grandson Stephen. I am forever grateful for that.
I commend the BX 6400's a thorough reading of; commend it to Killian and Ray; and hope both of them will join Wade Burleson with an open mind and their thinking caps on to the theology of Mark Noll, especially as it concerns the right Reverends Robert E Lee and William Tecumseh Sherman.
And I hope from there they will consider Noll's friends Charles Marsh and Randall Balmer.
But now, here in Alabama Baptist life, like the great Mae West said; it looks like its time to hold on cause we're in for a bumpy ride.


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