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Friday, October 12, 2007

Will Third Way Religion play in Collinsville/Balmer 20/20

I don't know

But as my Dad used to preach and I told my friend DAn Vestal on Tuesday in Bham, like the prophet Isaiah I have looked up for rain in the Heavens and seen a cloud about the size of a man's hand.
Then again Thursday afternoon was kind of despondent, even with all the resplendent weather.
But an appeal went out in cyberspace just now across the Mississippi. Pray for that.
But here to heal our land, even the rift in the Sunday School class at the church where my Mother was baptized and sent me rolling down the hill off the Property, cause the COS refuses to sit down and talk it out.
Even so, maybe David Gushee can resolve what Richard Land's ERLC pamphlet by Timothy George on abortion could not; and Paul Simmons lost his job.
But here we try again and I have some hope.
First look at all the posts especially the links to Melissa Rogers blog at on the Third Way Strategy to Bridge AMerica's Cultural Divide.

And this just in; Melissa Rogers' Blog tipped me to this remarkable event today at Yale. Alas I was not invited again, but stellar lineup from Jim Wallis and Balmer, to Ralph Reed and World Mag's Marvin Olasky

I wonder if Matt will drop in for the chat. Tried to have similar events here in Collinsville and did get Mark Bagget and David Currie to town once, but now it is all Elijah and Isaiah; Quilt Walk and Lyberry and no church for stevie.

And for sure read EJ Dionne's and the Christian Science Monitor takes linked at that site.

Here is a great teaser by my friend Rob Marus in Associated Baptist Press

In order for this paper to bear more fruit, both progressives and evangelicals will need to continue the hard work of reasoning together,” the authors concluded. “We do not conclude that these conversations will be easy or that the paper’s proposals in themselves will resolve all the real disagreements and tensions on cultural issues. But we believe that the gap need not be as wide and the mistrust need not run as deep.”
Besides Gushee, several Baptist leaders are among the document’s supporters. They include sociologist Tony Campolo, church-state experts Brent Walker and Melissa Rogers, and historian Buddy Shurden.

And the link to his report

And look for matt morgan, russ beene and my friend Randall Balmer; look for our friend Balmer tonight on ABC 20/20 discussing child preachers.
Balmer is also key strategist with the third way initiative if you want to bring up the pdf and see the list of the key folks.


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