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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SBC's Frank Page gets 8 Comments in Tulsa World

Including one from Me, Comment #8

Here are the comments. Once there be sure and read today's article there on Frank


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1. 10/9/2007 7:19:51 AM, JOHN KLINE, TULSAI long ago left the Southern Baptist denomination. They were very rigid on the "thou shalt nots" and seemed to ignore many of the "thou shalts". Unfortunately, this seems true of many of the denominations.
They also seem to "pick and choose" which sins in the Bible they now consider sins.
2. 10/9/2007 8:43:15 AM, Tony G., --- "a growing resolve that we're going to pull together, and that we're going to do what it takes to win this world to Christ."---
Who's version of Christ are they referring to?
3. 10/9/2007 9:38:27 AM, Kerygma, Charlotte, NCFundamentalism requires an enemy. Once the Shi'ite Baptists kicked out the moderates, they had to invent a new enemy to keep the money flowing and the interest high. Now they have a plethora of enemies - Calvinists, emerging churchers, social drinkers, you name it.
4. 10/9/2007 10:52:16 AM, Rocky, This article uses the word "legalistic" to describe the negative perception of these people and I don't think that it is a complete image of their problems.
The New Testament, especially the book of Galatians deeply divides living by law "legalism" as Jews did, who did not personally know God, and were judged according to their actions alone. (They were free to think all of the awful thoughts that they wanted as long as they outwardly did the "right thing"). As Christians, we live by Spirit, which means that we follow laws because the Spirit of God has compelled us to do the righteous things. In essence, we do what is right because we are in communion with God, and we do not need the external laws of action based religion to guide us in our actions. See the Sermon on the Mount for a deeper understanding of this topic.
Baptists are famous for intigrating religious rules and judgemental laws into their christianesk religion. In fact, the judgement and self-righteousness within the church is so vain and shallow due to an underlying misconception that Christians must follow certain laws and act a certain way in order to be right with God.
They twist and pervert the old testament, to say that homosexuals are condemned just for having those urges as they were under the laws of Moses, but they neglect other aspects of the law, such as not eating pork, as non essential.
They rant and rave about the 10 commandments, but when was the last day that any of them kept the Sabbath Day holy?
Their values are so twisted and truly reflect past era of illiterate era of America that relied on people of power to "spoon feed" the rules so that they common people could brainlessly follow the directions and "do the right thing". We need less "do the right thing" people and more free thinkers that will make the right decisions for the right reasons.
Seriously though, we're talking about the Southern Baptist Convention, they were formed in the Civil War era as as a pro-slavery organization. In fact, in 1968 they did a survey that said only 11% of congregations would admit African-Americans. In 1995 they issued an official apology for their racist roots.
They have a long way to go if they change their image into something that reflects God's people.
5. 10/9/2007 12:47:26 PM, John Anderson, TulsaI keep thinking that if religion didn't exist it would need to be invented.
6. 10/9/2007 1:29:12 PM, Joe-Allen Doty, The Southern Baptist Convention is officially against the use of tobacco, drinking of alcoholic beverages and gambling; but, many Southern Baptist church members do all of those. The SBC is also against women in leadership roles in churches. But, if one uses a correct English translation of the Greek New Testament, one will find out that there were women evangelists, pastors and deacons. They are not called "deaconess" in the Greek, the word is masculine in gender. But, in most "English" translations when the word "deacon" is used for a woman in a church, they use "servant" instead. I am not SBC but I am from a Classical Trinitarian Pentecostal background with leadership roles in some as an adult. I have had women pastors who did a terrific job as leaders.
. . . Some of these 10 Commandment first folks really ought to read and thoroughly study the Gospels. Jesus' commands are more important than the commandments given to Moses on the mountain in the wilderness of the Sinai. Jesus even revises some of the Commandments found in the books of Moses in the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew chapters 5 through 7. And some, he actually creates a commandment of higher importance so the "lower" one won't have to be obeyed. Jesus said that those who chose to live by the Law given to Moses would be judged by the Law. Legalistic Christians pick and choose verses and commandments from the Hebrew Scriptures to suit their own doctrinal agenda. I call that "Old Testament Legalized Christianity Doctrine." You don't even have to have an Old Testament to know how to live as Jesus taught and live. The 1st Century Church did not take a whole day off the 1st of each week to have church meetings. They held an evening worship service in someone's home in the evening after the folk got off of work. Those who lived in Israel and Judea during the 1st Century AD did not work on the Jewish Sabbath; but, their worship service was always on the evening of the day AFTER the Sabbath in the Holy Land. Paul wrote that it was up to the individual to decide whether to take one day off a week to worship the Lord or take no days off and worship the Lord every day of the week.
. . . Except in places like in Corinth (as found in the book of 1st Corinthians) and in a few other places, all Believing adults, no matter what gender, could participate in a worship service. Actually, most of the time, the worship service on the 1st day of the week was combined with a pot-luck meal based on the Last Supper meal outline with speaking after eating and all of that was done in the same room. Worship services were actually local family get-togethers for Believers (what the followers of Jesus actually called themselves - they did not use the pagan created epithet "Christian" to identify themselves). The SBC is NOT the only Baptist denomination in Tulsa. There are American Baptist churches here, too.
7. 10/10/2007 8:32:38 AM, Ann G, I am a Southern Baptist and proud to be one. I would be the first to agree that our denomination has its faults. We are, after all, sinners saved by grace. The apostle Paul himself admitted that the things he should do, he didn't. And the things that he shouldn't do, he did. Our church preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaches us to live accordingly. If we fail at times, we realize that we can be forgiven and start over again. I love all Christians and non-Christians whether or not they are Baptists.
8. 10/10/2007 4:23:02 PM, Stephen Fox, Collinsville, AlabamaFrank Page's church in South Carolina is about 15 minutes away from Furman University where native Oklahoman LD Johnson, and Baptist Preacher's son Marshall Frady, some have called simply the greatest social justice journalist of the last half of the 20th Century; Page advances a stilted gospel foreign to the greater and more substantive legacy of Frady and LD Johnson.
Wade Burleson in a recent blog about the insights of evangelical Academic Mark Noll as to how religious experience in America came to an impasse during the Civil War, and from then the Gospel and American Theology has been shaped by experience grounded in the Scripture.
Page's stultified views don't allow for Frady and Johnson, and the fresh air Burleson appears to be breathing.
Here's hoping Page may yet in this late hour open his eyes and has some truth to speak to the SBC Power of the likes of Paige Patterson, Richard Land and Karl Rove.
Stephen Fox


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