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Monday, October 08, 2007

LINK/The Scoop Review of Parham's New Religion and Politics DVD Update Tuesday with the ED Link

Caught the public world premiere of tonight at Samford. Bob Allen should have the official report up in the morning at . I will look at his report and modify my blog here tomorrow
DVD is Masterful; one of Parham and company's finest efforts.

But first; any Baptist church anywhere and that includes John Killian's Maytown Baptist in Maytown Alabama, Gary Fenton's Dawson's Memorial, Gloria Morgan and the COS's Collinsville Baptist (insert smilie emoticon here G; Do it for Matthew), Prentice Fox's Snyder Memorial in Fayetteville, North Carolina and Jim Pitts FBC Greenville, SC; and of course William Thornton's Statham in Statham; any church that doesn't order at least two copies of this DVD by Halloween are slackers.
Great discussion starter from the heart of the Gospel.
Would be great if the likes of Influential Republicans like Baxter Wynn on staff at FBC Greenville, and the administration offices of Chic Fil A get copies of this DVD for staff retreats and such.
Susan Pace Hamill has a new soundbyte in her righteous delineation of "low sacrifice and High sacrifice" political issues. It was a shame that the Dean of the Divinity School where she and fellow panelist Jim Evans got their Div Degree, Beeson, at Samford, wasn't there to do apologetics for his ERLC abortion policy, cause once and for all I think Hamill put it in perspective tonight.
There is reference in the DVD to Rick Warren's non negotiables for choosing a Presidential candidate in 04.
Jim Evans in the panel discussion following the presentation did a masterful job on how the GOP became God's Only Party. Even my friend Randall Balmer can advance the notions in his Thy Kingdom Come with some of the nuggets Evans put in great perspective tonight.
Congressman Artur David did a magnificent job quoting Dante on what is way to properly err in the political arena given all politics are flawwed. It is better to make an occasional error on the side of compassion, than to consistently err with indifference.
Whether that can be translated into realpolitik against the reservation of the likes of Newt Gingrich is a question I posed to the Congressman after the event.
Later I suggested to the Congressman if Hillary or Barack don't cut it this time around, how about him and Hugo Black's Grandson Stephen trying an All Alabama Ticket in 2012 if they can decided who will top the ticket.
In self effacement, the room new the panel was preaching to the choir tonight, and there was some humor in that; even so that is no excuse for the likes of Thornton and Prentice Fox not getting this DVD and having discussion at their churches.
At Snyder with Olson gone, I imagine they would have to get Tony Cartledge to come over to lead analysis, cause...........
Good show, get the DVD and look in the mirror.

Here is a link from the site with six Questions for Robert Parham October 4 previewing the premiere tonight

Oct 10

And then there is this insight by EJ Dionne in recent


Blogger foxofbama said...

Uncle Prentice had this to say at where he fluorishes Unplugged:

Re: Is this Fair to Robert Parham???
by UNCLE PRENTICE on Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:20 am

Parham last night hitched up with some red-necked democrats: ... Emails.htm to get his new DVD on Politics out to the General Public. Click on the site above for more information. PARHAM does a seven question interview here with the Mountain Dems, and gracefully handles some soft balls pitched at him. He states that he is up every morning "lighting the fires and kicking the tires" for JUSTICE(?) In my opinion Parham is to the liberal left what James Dobson is to the Religious Right. Both are good men who love Jesus. Parham said that GOP is not "God's Own Party." But he didn't offer a meaning for DEM. Maybe it should have been," Disillusioned Evangelical Moderates." The only question remaining is, "What kind of a Democrat is Parham?" Is he an Obama DEM, "Establish a New Kingdom"? or is he a Hillary DEM? If so, is he aware that Hillary has brought Sandy "Burglar" Berger, the convicted felon, back on her team now as ADVISOR? And what does all this say about Parham's keen sensitivity in The Ethics in Politics? It appears to be a new kind of Conflation(combining two variant texts into a new one.) Maybe this will all be "Climaxed" when Parham takes the Pulpit at Jimmy Carter"s Great Worldwide Baptist Gathering in January of next year. I may take the time to go over and observe this great event, and go on up to Rome GA to visit my sister, and reminisce over my high school days in the City of Seven Hills. UNCLE PRENTICE.

12:31 PM  

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