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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Overthrow Roe; Fix Immigration/Plus Schafly on Huckabee

Click on the link above for Schlafly's remark about too many mosques in America.
At some other site she said Huckabee ruined the conservative movement in Arkansas which I imagine was jsut fine with Richard Land and Ronnie Floyd.
LOt of questions for the Greenville News and Columbia State to ask the candidates including following up on Nightline last night with Cindy McCain's lament about what Richard Land's Karl Rove did to her husband and child in South Carolina Primary in 2000.
Her former pastor is the man Jerry Vines beat by a couple points in the SBC election of 88. I was there and had a walk with Richard Jackson right after the executive committee when Land and Pressler and Ronnie Floyd's faction tried to fire the heads of Baptist Press.
That got em a couple years later after a row with Bill Moyers.

Reap the Whirlwind, America.
Get Right with God.

And Frank Page: If you are out there and mean business about the Kingdom, line item veto Land's ERLC out of the SBC Co-Op Program budget and go from there.
In meantime be reading the interview of BWA and Billy Graham's daughter Anne Lotz Friend Callam in current Issue of Baptists Today. My copy is in the car, November.


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