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Monday, October 22, 2007

Hillary's New Baptist; Balmer's new book

From the Roberts cover story edition of Time Magazine couple weeks ago came this profile of Southern Baptist Missionary to China who is now in outreach for the Methodist candidate for President this year. He is from Grenada Mississippi--I think Michelle Cottle is from Vicksburg and the same denominational roots, and maybe Amy Sullivan is American Baptist-- and a former staff for Pelosi.
Looks like like the Mississippian is gittin Bluesman Leadbelly's "True Religion".

Meet the Mississippi Evangelical who testifies for Hillary Clinton
Southern evangelical preachers aren't prepared when they meet Burns Strider. They hear "director of faith-based operations for Hillary Clinton" and expect a pinch-nosed Yankee, probably of the Unitarian variety, who looks for Job in the New Testament. Then in walks Strider, 41, a former Southern Baptist missionary who calls everyone brother or sister and can tell you exactly when he decided to "give my heart to Jesus." His latest mission: spreading the good news about Clinton to religious audiences.
.....Strider a senior role, unusual for a Democratic campaign. "I'm not stuck in some corner, just to be pulled out when someone named Reverend calls," he says, in a pointed reference to John Kerry's 2004 campaign. "Religion is fully integrated, from the candidate on down."
The Capitol Hill veteran's outreach isn't about giving Clinton a set of faith-based phrases she can plug into speeches. Strider focuses on connecting with those religious voters--like theologically conservative Roman Catholics and Evangelicals--who have long been ignored by Democrats. He may not win them over, but he can ease their suspicions enough to get a hearing. "If you can round the edges," Strider says, "you don't get as many splinters."

Balmer's latest book is referenced in his October 3 Newsweek Religion Blog. "Titled God In the White House..." it covers the role of religion in the Presidency from Kennedy to the latest Bush.


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