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Thursday, December 06, 2007

SBC BFM 2000 and Mormon Doctrine; Huckabee, Land and Samford

Which is more cultlike, SBC BFM 2000 and its application with WMU and IMB, or the Mormons; and how can Huckabee defend his SBC denomination's Break with the Baptist World Alliance?
How Does Huckabee respond to the allegations of Charles Marsh about Francis Schaeffer and the 74 Lausuanne Conference in Marsh's Wayward Christian Soldiers.
How can Huckabee conflate Ronnie Floyd and Anne Graham Lotz in his run for President, and how long past Iowa can HBee play the nature of the Mormon card he played there without the bizarre aspects of his fundamentalist denomination becoming baggage.
How will it play in Frank Page's South Carolina?
will Progressive baptists in Influential places, the likes of Rick Lance and Bob Terry and the pastor at Dawson Memorial, Snyder Collinsville Baptist be able to translate the concluding chapters of Garry Wills book Head and Heart to Huckabee before the underbelly of Richard Land and Karl Rove come to light with it's own bizarre aspects.
Will they sign BFM 2000; and if not how does she explain that to Richard Land and Al Mohler, the Huckabee camp and the national Press?
How is all this being digested by Charles Pickering, Bob Terry's good friend, member of the SBC Peace Committee and GOP activist in Mississippi?

Again, I enjoyed meeting Huckabee in South Carolina. With David Broder of the Wash Post I think he adds soemthing to the conversation of this Presidential election cycle; and I hope he can bring many nativists in the religious right to some sensibility on the Dream Act. To that end I am convinced he is more Christian than Romney and Fred Thompson; Huckabee's position on the Dream Act.

My friend John Killian is going to blog on Romney and Huckabee in a few days.
In a raw Fox Straw poll today in North Alabama, Huckabee is connecting. Folks up in NE Alabama like his temperament. He is registering with blue collar Reagan Republicans.
With these concerns to help him frame his thoughts, Killian's blog has potential for bellwether resonance.

Here is an excerpt from today's NY Times on the political roots of Huckabee.

The First Election
The first statewide job Mr. Huckabee ran for was a church office. In 1989, while at the Beech Street Church, he was nominated for the presidency of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.
The election quickly became a battleground in a larger political and theological civil war over the future of the denomination. Southern Baptists had historically leaned Democratic in politics and celebrated local autonomy in theology. But in the 1980s, conservatives concerned that liberal ideas about the Bible and the family were creeping into the denomination’s institutions fought state-by-state to purge any unorthodox theology or liberal politics, ultimately transforming the Southern Baptist Convention into a mainstay of the Republican Party.
The race was “far more political than anything else I’ve ever been involved in,” Mr. Huckabee recalled. The leaders of the conservative takeover tapped the Rev. Ronnie Floyd, a stalwart of their movement, as their candidate.
“They were not sure Mike was committed enough,” Mr. Floyd said.
Mr. Huckabee, who won by a 2-to-1 ratio, carried the flag for the so-called moderates, arguing that the Arkansas Baptists were amply orthodox. Although Mr. Floyd and Mr. Huckabee both now say they shared the same conservative theological convictions, Mr. Huckabee’s emphasis on tolerance and inclusiveness rallied opponents of the turn to the right.
“Huckabee was on the wrong side,” said Paul M. Weyrich, a founding organizer of the conservative movement. “That has caused more people to get off of Huckabee than you can imagine. With me, it’s a deal breaker.” (Mr. Weyrich recently endorsed Mr. Romney, Mr. Huckabee’s leading rival in the Iowa Republican caucuses.)
The president’s post was largely ceremonial. But it gave Mr. Huckabee considerable exposure — a fifth of Arkansans are Baptists — and experience as a peacemaker in his denomination’s internal battles.
Mr. Huckabee was “true to his deeply felt principles without being abrasive or strident or confrontational,” said Hal Bass, a professor at Ouachita Baptist University, and a self-described moderate. “It’s not like he pulled his punches, but he didn’t pick fights either,” Mr. Bass said.


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