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Friday, December 07, 2007

Huck dismisses SBC BFM2000;Is His SBC a Cult??

Huckabee Declines Theology DiscussionThe Associated Press - 4 hours ago

First, before I forget; if you read this in time Melissa Rogers of Wake Forest and the BJC will appear on Bill Moyers Journal tonight to discuss Romney's speech yesterday. Bad news in Alabama is it is Pledge Week and she will probably be preempted, but you can watch her online.
Her grandparents were key figures in the origins of the Pivotal Baptist Congregation in Alabama ; The Church of the Covenant.

Question by my friend William Thornton of Statham Georgia today at is the Mormon church a cult.
Better qeustion for him and my friend John Killian as he prepares to blog about Huckabee is: Is the SBC of Huckabee a cult.
A sensible reading of Harold Bloom's American Religion suggests it is very much so; and has about as much in common with historic Christianity, Richard Land and some folks in Collinsville effluviums aside, as Tim Lahaye for lack of a better comparison, make that Bob Jones.
That may be why my friend Huckabee does not want to touch BFM 2000; nor why Rick Lance or Bob Terry want to bring Charles Pickering into the Public square to talk about it.
As you see in my blogs this week lot of interesting stuff being brought out tangentially about the Baptist takeover with the rising of Huckabee.
NY Times reported yesterday Pressler's camp of Paige Patterson and Land as spoken for by Paul Weyrich are hands off on Huckabee cause he didn't buy the whole program in Arkansas in 1989.
Morph Pressler, Land and Patterson into one character and you could easily have the Daniel Day Lewis Satan in Blood for Oil Movie coming out around Christmas. Or as I said yesterday if you want another comparison Land may be the Anton Chigurh of American Politics (No Country for Old Men).
Story is waiting for the likes of Kimball or Randall Balmer to tell in a national magazine.
Talk to Bill Friday in North Carolina to see how the character of the state changed with the takeover of SEBTS. Huckabee, Frank Page , not to mention Bob Terry and Rick Lance will wince at that telling.
It is a shame in many ways, cause already some pundits are saying Huckabee holds the promise of the better aspects of William Jennings Bryan, friend of the working man in the face of the juggernaut of international capitalism of blueblood Republicans.
Somebody out there take a strong look at this. Come South and talk to Ginny Brant in Seneca South Carolina, Harry Dent's daughter recent trustee of the SBC IMB;talk to Bob Terry and Charles Marsh about Charles Pickering; talk to Randy Brinson and Governor Riley here in Alabama; talk to Yale Div Grad Matthew Morgan about how religion inflected his experience being raised in Alabama.
And ask fence sitting Baptist churches that pass for sensibility why they continue to fund Richard Land, who sits on top of a political PAC cult?
Talk to Kate Campbell and Ben Cole

I like Huckabee. Would be fascinating as DAvid Broder of WashPost speculated earlier this week to have a McCain/Huckabee ticket; in which case all America could consider what was at Stake in San Antonio in 1988 when McCain's pastor Richard Jackson lost to Huckabee's hero Jerry Vines in the SBC?

Here is how the boys at are playing the wrong question as they refuse so far to consider the mote in their own eye:

So is Mormonism a cult or not?
by William Thornton on Fri Dec 07, 2007 12:39 pm
Here's what Robert Parham of Ethics Daily says (here:
Appeals to patriotism will not replace the suspicions of those who view Mormonism as a cult or at least as a strange American religion. Conservative churches have long taught that Mormonism is outside the boundaries of Christianity. Moreover, too few conservative adherents have had no meaningful firsthand experience with Mormon believers that would give them any reason to reconsider what has been pounded on pulpits for years. While Parham doesn't exactly say, am I wrong in thinking that it looks like he is being critical of 'conservative adherents' believing that Mormonism is a cult? This question is apart from the question of the propriety of a voter using religion as a qualifier or disqualifier for one running for public office. Here's BP reporting on what Richard Land said:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Romney did with his so-called “religion speech” the other day was try to get ahead of the curve. And he’s actually been quite successful. Mostly due to the fact that he pays image agencies millions to feed the media the angle that his campaign wants to present.

In doing so, they’ve done a marvelous job blowing smoke. And they’ve angled it so that “conventional Christians” are made to seem like bigots for not accepting that Romney is a “real Christian.”

This is a beautiful deflection. But what is it a deflection from? It’s a deflection from Mormon doctrine, which says that THEY are the only true Christians! Joe Smith taught that all Christianity as presented thus far has been wrong. He rewrote whole sections of the Bible, and introduced an entirely different doctrine. And filled in the details with a story of how Jews escaped to the New World in 580 BC. And began to create warring kingdoms in America. God then cursed the “bad” group of Jews by giving them dark skin, and they are the American Indians.

Yes my friends, you heard that right! Mormons believe that American Indians are “cursed Jews.” Literally not one single piece of archeological evidence has ever surfaced that any of the kingdoms ever existed. Not a single stone from a single building. Nothing.

But Mormonism teaches that this is the REAL Christianity! Mormons refer to all non-Mormons as “gentiles,” and consider them spiritual heathens.

So it’s actually Romney that must answer whether HE thinks Huckabee is a “real Christian,” not the other way around.

But Romney’s multi-million dollar PR machine has turned the whole thing on it’s ear.

11:54 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Would be grand if you could make the time, have the integrity to follow the passion of your convictions and read Bloom on the Mormons and the SBC Takeovers; explore their similarities.
I think I agree with you, Huckabee is an interesting phenom.
With you will be interested to see what John Killian says.

And you particularly will want to google up the bteditor blog of JOhnny Pierce to see how he inflects Huck's statement last week on the KJV.
If Huck had run against John McCain's pastor out in ARizona when Jerry Vines beat him by half a percentage point, Paige Patterson woulda called Huckabee a Liberal, someone who didn't believe the Bible.
Mormons aren't the only one who have a multi million dollar PR machine.
Have you checked what your Cooperative Program Dollars have done in the last 20 years in the SBC in the hands of the SBC ExCom.
Don't take my word on that one; talk to Marty Duren, Ben Cole and Wade Burleson and Rick Lance; some of your own.

9:59 AM  

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